Download The Coloring Book For Adults; Free For A Limited Time!

Download The Coloring Book For Adults; Free For A Limited Time!

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In need of a great coloring book for adults to keep you entertained during self-containment? I’ve got you covered! If you don’t know who I am, there is one important thing you need to know; I’ve been housebound for 11 years now. Due to illness and disabilities, I simply can’t leave the house, and if I do, it’s for appointments. However, I am very happy. My husband and I have a beautiful home. It’s decorated to my style and tastes, in a way that makes my heart sing when the sun shines. 


Spring Plants Coloring Book For Adults 


Right now, we are going through an incredibly unique global experience and it’s tough to know what to do. If you are concerned, wash your hands regularly, limit what you touch and clean everything.

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Have you got ink and paper? Download this coloring book for adults (free for a limited time) and use gloves when handling pencils and pages etc. 


Download The Coloring Book PDF


Best Colored Pencils To Use In Your Coloring Book For Adults:


If you’re in the UK, you can get Prismacolor sets right here.

Learning how to use colored pencils can be a great way to encourage even more creativity. So, let’s start to explore the new techniques you can use in your coloring books.


Color Pencil Techniques:

colored pencil art - hatching

1 Hatching: 

Hatching is drawing closely spaced lines all parallel to each other. Feel free to play around when practising. You can vary the length of the lines, the angle of your pencils and spacing of the lines to see what effects it produces.


Colored pencil techniques - cross hatching examples

2 Cross-Hatching: 

Your first layer will be hatching as described above, then add another layer going in the opposite direction.


colored pencil art techniques - scrambling

3 Scumbling: 

Use a sharp pencil and create tight scribbled circles. Repeating these actions over and over is what provides the finished effect. 


Color pencil art - brandishing

4 Burnishing: 

Add layers and layers of smooth color using a little pressure until the “tooth” of the paper is no longer able to hold any more color. This then results in a smooth colorful surface. Don’t apply too much pressure; you might damage your nibs or paper or both. This technique works best when using a paper with a good amount of texture or “tooth”.


5 Shading: 

You already know how to shade if you went to school. Use the side of your pencil and use back and forth sweeping motions to cover the desired area. Change the pressure on each part to create different effects.




Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment 

Remember to experiment with various types of techniques to discover your favorite. Artists use a variety of tools for removing pigment or fixing mistakes, so experiment with erasers too. There are so many different types; kneaded erasers, plastic erasers, electric erasers, and even tape. 

For softening hard edges or blending, white pencils work great. Simply add a layer over the top. The trick is to layer the color so that all of the little bumps in the pages are full of colored pencils. 

Try to avoid dropping your pencils EVER. It breaks the nibs. Even rolling off a table and onto the floor; treat them with care. Also, avoid electric pencil sharpeners as they’re a little too rough. Use artist sandpaper blocks to keep them sharp without wasting any of the pencil itself. 

Never be afraid to try different things with your colored pencil art and enjoy!

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