DreamBox Craft Storage 5 Ways To Revolutionize Your Epic Unit

DreamBox Craft Storage 5 Ways To Revolutionize Your Epic Unit

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Today I’m going to share all about The DreamBox by CreateRoom (previously the Original Scrapbox Company) and why it’s the best piece of furniture I’ve owned in my life. We are absolutely LOVING the DreamBox, and we wanted to share all of our pictures with you because we’re pretty sure that the DreamBox is going to be in your shopping cart within the hour!

DreamBox Craft Storage 5 Ways To Revolutionize Your Epic Unit

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DreamBox Craft Storage - Arriving In The Crate

We ordered the DreamBox Craft Storage with almost all of the accessories which were then delivered straight to my door by UPS. The delivery process was perfect because I needed a little time to clear out the craft room to make some space.

DreamBox Craft Storage - Clearing Space

You’ll need to use a screwdriver or crowbar to get into the Crate. A screwdriver is the easier option though and you won’t risk damaging your furniture.

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DreamBox Craft Storage - Jars, Totes and Accessories stacked

Our living room was completely taken over by totes, jars and accessories because of an insane amount of rain. I was so freaking excited to start using this DreamBox craft storage unit!

Once you get all of the pieces into your room, start building or adding the brackets if you purchased the prebuilt option. The DreamBox is completely customizable, so you can decide where all the totes go, what size your shelving needs to be and how you will style it.

DreamBox Craft Storage - line Drawing and measurements

Before my unit arrived, I spent a LONG time drawing how the shelving arrangement would work to ensure that everything was just where I needed it to be.


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DreamBox craft storage - pastel rainbow Tote Front/Drawer Liners

1.The DreamBox Craft Storage Has Plenty Of Shelves & Totes

The DreamBox includes 77 adjustable shelves and 80 acrylic totes. These totes come in 3 different sizes, so it contains ample storage no matter what your favourite craft is.

When purchasing your DreamBox, be sure to check out the accessories. You can get side tables, a Dream Cart, a Sew Station, 16 clear lidded jars (16 oz.), scrap box paper organizers, pen storage; there are so many options.  

The DreamBox comes with 34 of the Large Totes that perfectly fit scrapbook papers (yes, even 12×12!) and all your Cricut blanks, rolls of vinyl and accessories. You can’t fit the large Cricut mat in the tote but it does fit on the shelving.

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Inside The Totes:

DreamBox Craft Storage - The Totes Measurments

My Cricut Vinyl is still in its boxes as it’s easier to stay organised, and they fit perfectly in the door, both on shelving and in the three-part organizer.

The next few shelves contain Thickers alphabets (an entire tote), and two full totes of scrapbook papers, organized by style.

DreamBox Craft Storage - Totes Full Of Supplies

The Shoebox style Totes and smaller totes come with removable dividers to organize things well, instead of having a box full of randomness.

The Shoebox Totes are also great for holding fat quarters, cards, Cricut joy accessories etc. They’re excellent for keeping extra’s inside. It’s where I keep spare sewing machine oil, rotary cutter blades and extra sewing accessories.

DreamBox Craft Storage - Drawer Fronts

If you aren’t too keen on how ‘stylish’ your craft supplies look when organized, you can create drawer fronts as I did. I decided to add some pastel rainbow-coloured paper drawer fronts; that were really easy to make. It’s SO easy to make your DreamBox uniquely YOU! 

DreamBox Craft Storage - Slim totes

These totes might look small, but they’re GREAT for storing your notions. I’m talking small rubber stamps, ephemera, beads, glue sticks or even pastel sponges. The DreamBox comes with 26 of them, and they’re the secret to finally getting all of those flipping supplies TIDIED for once!

2.The Optional Led Crown Light For The DreamBox Craft Storage

DreamBox Craft Storage - The Crown Light
Pooperses showing you how the Crown light fixture looks when attached, from above.

Adding the optional LED crown light was a brilliant decision! It makes such a difference, especially since UK weather is usually rather grey and incredibly dull. I highly recommend it. If you follow my Instagram, you may already know how completely head over heels I am about this unit but if you don’t.. I am! COMPLETELY!

As a disabled crafter, I love how easy it is for me to open it. It’s on wheels on a wooden floor so all I have to do is lean my weight against it and open.

Here’s a video opening the DreamBox Craft Storage Unit (me on a great day movement-wise):

The DreamBox is open most of the time, but it’s perfect that I have the option to close it up whenever the room is needed as a guest room.

3.The DreamBox Craft Storage Unit Has Built In-Door Storage (optional extras available)

DreamBox Craft Storage - Shelves close up

The side panels of my DreamBox are filled with all kinds of goodies. This left side is home to all of my vinyl, washi tape, ribbon, watercolour inks, and more!

DreamBox Craft Storage - In door craft storage - ink, glitter, washi tape and Cricut Joy Vinyl boxes

Up top we have everything arranged in a pastel rainbow style. Starting with the left door shelving; my Dr PH Martin’s watercolour inks are all across the top. Then Martha Stewart glitter, arranged in a similar fashion.

To the right of that is everything Cricut related; the Easy Press up top and a slim tote with Cricut fabric scraps from previous projects.

DreamBox Craft Storage - paint storage

)n the other side is where I store all of my craft paints for easy access and generally looking lovely.

4.The DreamBox Craft Storage Has Deep Shelving

At the time I purchased the DreamBox, the Sew Station was not available. However, if it were, I would have gotten one of those too. That electric sewing machine lifter? Come on! SOLD! Shut up and take my money!

DreamBox Craft Storage - storing craft machines

Since I don’t own a SewStation yet, I do love that the DreamBox has very deep shelving under the table. Which is an ideal place to store my sewing machines.

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5.The Option To Stand

DreamBox Craft Storage - standing desk option

Sometimes I hurt my back, meaning it’s impossible to sit down and sometimes stand up. So I try to move and lean on things when I can. If I want to craft to distract myself, having the desk in a standing position is ideal. The DreamBox table is mostly used at standing height as it’s a lot more comfortable than the chair I have!

DreamBox Craft Storage - stnding desk and close up drawers

The Side Tables were the smartest thing I added to my DreamBox order. The side tables TRIPLE your crafting area! If you’re now using the SewStation and need a place to spread out; BOOM. Use the DreamBox and side tables for extra cutting space.

The DreamBox has truly been a dream come true and I could not be happier. It has continued and encourages creativity REGULARLY, even a year later and I highly recommend getting one if you’re looking to organize any of your supplies.

Psst! CreateRoom also offers 12 / 24 / 36 month financing options available including 6 months 0% APR! 


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