Easily Improve Your Handwriting As An Adult! + 5 Practice Sheets

Easily Improve Your Handwriting As An Adult! + 5 Practice Sheets

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So you want to improve your handwriting? It really is easy, it just takes practice. I’m sure you’re thinking “yeah, sure.” However, I’ve managed to completely retrain my handwriting twice in the past decade.

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The first time was because my handwriting was like a chicken scratch and I had an interest in calligraphy and hand lettering.

The second time I retrained my handwriting was due to dislocating my shoulder after a seizure. During the dislocation, I did some minor damage in my neck and completely lost grip in my right hand.


Easily Improve Your Handwriting As An Adult!

Practice sheets for:


Neat Handwriting Example

The basic kit to help you improve your handwriting:

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I’m a complete sucker for a thin-nibbed pen. It makes my writing so much nicer and I find the ink flow much easier to control.

Personally, I think it’s great for lettering, projects and writing on the front of envelopes (because of the nature of the ink).


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Movement Drills:

  • Shoulder rolls; bringing the shoulders up the ears, rotating them clockwise and anti-clockwise.
  • Stretches.
  • Drawing shapes: lines, circles, triangles, etc.


Improve your handwriting like a pro with Sakura Gelly Rolls and some free practice sheets!

Sakura Gelly Roll Pens

Now I’m going to completely contradict what I just said.

This is a quite a thick nib for me (1.0mm) but honestly, it is the nicest pen to write with.

Even if it does make my writing much larger than necessary.

It’s so smooth!

I highly recommend these pens to anyone and everyone who loves a bright colour. The hot pink ink is from the Gelly Roll Moonlight pack.


Different ways to practice and improve your handwriting:

Practice the alphabet, over and over again. You will soon discover which letters you have problems with.

I suffered nerve damage in my neck which affects my writing, even with practice. You can see the problem letters I have in some of these photos.

When I’m experiencing the same issues, again and again, I practice the problem letters repeatedly until I’m happy.

Just write.

You can write to practice. Write lists, write song lyrics, a speech or your favourite quotes.


Use books to help you Improve Your Handwriting

Depending on the style of handwriting you want to improve will depend on the books you should get.

Print writing is much easier to develop than cursive, but both skills are worth developing.


Some great handwriting books to help you improve your handwriting:

A note on hand lettering:

You might be reading this post hoping to improve your handwriting so that you can start to learn hand lettering.

That’s what I did back in 2010.

Handwriting and hand lettering are two different things.

Hand lettering is more akin to drawing letters.

Fauligraphy made easy + shadow

These are the absolute basics of faux calligraphy as shown in the image above. Done with a black sharpie pen and Zig writer:

  • Cursive
  • An extra line on the downstroke
  • Colour in the space


Improve Your Handwriting with Different methods of learning hand lettering:

Depending on the type of hand lettering you wish to learn will depend on the methods you choose!


Best Hand Lettering Books:


Online courses for Hand Lettering:

I’ve shared loads of hand lettering classes on this blog because I’ve taken loads!

I love lettering classes, and it’s my passion for lettering and practice that got me published in Jenny Doh’s most recent book Creative Lettering for Kids.

I’m so excited to have gone from having to completely retrain my handwriting in 2012 (after suffering nerve damage) to being published for my lettering skills!

It feels amazing.

Lettering classes - Daily Lettering Challenge: 31 Creative Lettering Ideas with Pam Garrison


Pam Garrison is one of my absolute favourite artists ever. Every time she has a new class on CreativeBug, I am there! She just recently launched Painting Abstract Florals, which I’m taking at the time of writing.

As with every class from Pam, she inspires and motivates. Not only that but she also provides handy hints and tricks that you never forget because they’re so good. Real “why did nobody tell me this before?!” tips.

Over the 30 days, you are challenged to a new lettering piece. I am a huge fan of challenges because NOTHING will help you reach your goal faster than taking daily action. If you’re disciplined enough to do it by yourself, well done you! But I need the structure handed to me.

I wanted to let you know that there is a Limited Time Deal right now, where you can get 2 Months FREE! There are so many classes to choose from, you will master your favourite artistic skill in no time. 




Free Trial

Take The Challenge!


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My favourite lettering courses are from different sites, most notably through Skillshare and Brit&Co.


✅Reader Special: Skillshare is offering an exclusive TWO free months of Skillshare Premium (instead of one month!!!) to you, my lovely reader, so sign up and take a handwriting course for FREE!


==> 20 excellent lettering resources for beginners


Download The Free Practice Sheets to Improve Your Handwriting:


A peek at my Bullet Journal turned Handwriting practice book & journal where I practice alphabets:


Neat Handwriting Practice example
Weekly Bullet Journal Layout - Cursive Script
Hand Drawn Savings Goals Jar In Bullet Journal

I hope the tools and tricks about how to improve your handwriting have helped you on your way to beautiful handwriting!

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