Over the years, we’ve conquered quite the subject matter when it comes to DIY pillows. One might say that I have a bit of a pillow obsession. I read somewhere that they’re definitely a grown up’s version of stuffed animals. I love the mix of handmade with purchased, and that sweet diy combo in one of a kind looks. 

So here are a few of our very fave DIY pillows, from hacks to embellishments to one of a kind creations. Just for you! 


The polkadot pillow. 

One of the cutest in the history of ever, if we do say so ourselves. 

We have the downloadable pattern, and all you need is freezer paper, fabric and paint. Tada! Pillow awesomeness. A great afternoon project with a friend. Such an easy DIY pillow! On another note, I still have this poster in storage and really need to bust it back out in the appropriate space. 

It {the pillow, not the art} was perfect for Emerson’s room, once upon a time, and one that we still have around the house because we love it so.


Which brings us to…

The fabric stripe pillow

Very similar to Emerson’s stripes you see on her bed in this little tutorial, {the two of them are pictured above in our new years post.}


These fun little stripes look like they’re one of a kind, and once you’ve mastered the basic pillow, these include just a few extra steps for really great ideas! A one of a kind look at 1/3 of the price? Yes please.

Get the how to for this easy DIY pillow here.

The Screen Printed Pillow

Along the same lines as polkadots, we do love a good old fashioned screen printed pillow! The possibilities are kinda endless with this little embellishment… from kid’s designs to things for your home! 

Just a little fabric + freezer paper + paint. Tada! Your own screen printed pillow. 

3 easy pillow hacks for your home

The Lumbar Pillow

It’s so easy, it’s kind of embarrassing. But we’re sharing easier projects here {in addition to renovations in addition to stories in addition free printables} you may find useful. I don’t know… too much? We just think it’s the little things that make a house a home, and thought you might want to feel inspired. If you can thread the sewing machine, you can sew. I promise guys, it’s the hardest part.

A whole lot of pillow with major character and little work!

Like, sewing one side, work. That’s it. You don’t have to cut and you don’t even really have to measure. So easy peasy.

I grabbed a turkish towel + lumbar pillow = the most awesome gigantic pillow for your fam to fight over when you’re ready for movie night.

You can see all the how-to details here.

{Polaroid/instagram frame can be found here.}

Patchwork Lumbar Pillow

You could say this is a combo between the lumbar and patchwork pillows. A hybrid of sorts. Scraps of fabric + sewn together + full how to here!

The Watercolor Pillow

We tackled this one a few summers ago, and loved the look it brought to our living room. Nothing says you’re ready for warmer weather like the cool effects of brush strokes on a fantastical creation of your own.


You just need a little duck cotton, paint and tape… and you’re totally rocking it with one of a kind stripeage, sporting some major style. In any color – lots of possibilities!

DIY Tassels for Pillows

I had some old pillows that we were kind of missing some of their corners, and decided to spiff them up with a little color. I know that this project may be obvious for some – but sometimes it’s the simplest that make the best projects. Or give you a little inspiration of your own.

Especially when upcyling an old pillow.

Get the full how to here!

Napkin Pillows

We spied these little napkins at Target, and with two, to equal a front and a back, all I could see was pillow.

But I also liked them as napkins. Therefore I was totally torn. So I bought a few for napkins and a few for pillows. Stripes everywhere, y’all. And no, I’m not sorry. Stripes are like polkadots, and neither will ever go out of style. Promise.

So a little character to our basement = winning! We literally turned the right sides in, wrong sides out to face each other. Just like a regular old pillow. Then we wewed three sides together, and turning the pillow cover right side out, added the actual pillow filler. We only had the final side left to sew. After we ran a quick seam down the edge…

That was it! Instant pillow!

And rounding it off with one of our all time VERY favorites… 


How to make a tooth fairy pillow


And how to make an easter bunny {and lamb!} pillow!


ragamuffin rabbits: handmade easter treats

So in the name of all things pillows, be sure to check out our tips on choosing throw pillows + don’t forget to check out our own original line here! {PS, totally cringing on my frozen face here. Ew.} 

Have an inspired day!

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