Easy Earth Day Crafts for Toddlers

Easy Earth Day Crafts for Toddlers

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We love sharing crafts for toddlers and I’m of the view that you’re never too young to start learning about the world around you – these easy Earth Day crafts for toddlers are a fun way for young kids to get involved in celebrating Earth Day. Today I’m sharing a few simple ideas with you that children can get involved with and enjoy being creative with some simple Earth crafts plus crafts using recycled materials and some crafts for animals affected by climate change.

earth day craft ideas for toddlers

Earth Day Crafts for Toddlers

Crafts for toddlers are generally described as crafts aimed at one and two year olds with some people also including three year olds. Of course there’s a great deal of difference between what children at those ages can do so do take a look through the list and find the ones that you think are most suitable for your child’s age and abilities. Like these crafts? Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image so that you’ve got them all to hand when you need them. Plus keep reading for more of our favourite crafts for toddlers.

earth day crafts for toddlers simple ideas


Got some bubble wrap? Don’t throw it, use it to make this bubble wrap printed Earth craft instead.

My daughter made these stained glass Earth suncatchers when she was three, they require a little bit of preparation (you’ll need to get your planet shapes ready) but they’re good for fine motor skills and look great up in a window.

As well as Earth crafts themselves Earth Day is a good excuse to do some crafts with recycled materials. We love these butterflies from recycled cardboard and  these DIY stamps made from bottle tops.

Want to make some animals that might be affected by climate change? Sea creatures are a great choice, this seahorse craft and this paper plate turtle are both easy enough for toddlers to make.

For me one of the animals that comes to mind first when I think of climate change is polar bears so this polar bear craft for toddlers would be perfect.

This paper plate Earth Day collage might look a bit tricky at first but it’s a good way for older toddlers to practice scissor skills (you can hold strips of paper while they practice cutting pieces out of it) and if you draw the continent shapes onto the plate with glue then they can easily pop the collage pieces on to it – leave off the heart part if that’s going to be too tricky!

Want to look at what’s on our planet as well as the Earth itself? Why not use our free tree template to make some seasonal tree crafts like these spring trees and these autumn trees.

No Time for Flashcards makes shows how to make a simple earth craft using eyedroppers.

Make a fun puffy paint earth like this one from No Time for Flashcards.

Happy Hooligans shares a tissue paper Earth Day craft kids can make.

Create some pretty Earth Day process art like this from Natural Beach Living.

More Crafts for Toddlers

Enjoy the change in seasons with these easy spring crafts for toddlers.

spring crafts for toddlers 300

We love these simple Easter crafts for toddlers with lots of fun ideas to try at home.

easter crafts for toddlers 300

Want more ideas? Why not try out these simple weather crafts for toddlers.

weather crafts for toddlers 300

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