Easy Ghost Craft for Kids

Easy Ghost Craft for Kids

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easy ghost craft for kids perfect for toddlers and preschoolI must admit that I’m a little bit in love with this super easy ghost craft for kids. Why? Well for a start I’m a huge fan of anything simple, I like ideas that kids can achieve from a young age (we’ve got so many crafts for toddlers and preschoolers here!) Secondly, this is a good craft for developing your child’s pincer grasp which is a good thing and thirdly and of course most importantly – it looks cute! And cute Halloween crafts for kids are always a good thing.

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Making Ghost Crafts for Kids

My kids love the excitement of Halloween but not always the super scary stuff that’s designed for adults so as well as the spooky stuff we don’t mind keeping it a little friendlier too. I think this ghost looks pretty friendly?

Plus my kids get excited at Halloween, like really excited, so they don’t always have the concentration levels for something too complicated. This easy ghost craft fits the bill because it’s easy enough for toddlers and preschoolers but also, you know, the ones a bit older who just need something simple to create.

And it’s good for parents like me, because I’m happy when my kids can do most of the craft themselves and I have most of the materials I need already.

Like this craft? Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image so that you don’t forget about it! Plus keep reading for all the instructions, our favourite Halloween books for kids and more of our favourite Halloween crafts ideas.

ghost craft for kids easy halloween activity for toddlers and preschool

Halloween Books for Kids

My kids love Halloween books – right now their favourite is Ready, Steady, Ghost* which would be perfect to share after making this craft together! We’ve shared a lot of ideas for Halloween books for kids recently with this list of not too spooky Halloween books for kids and these pumpkin books but as I know we’re always on the hunt for some inspiration our reading choices I thought I’d share these ones which look perfect for younger readers. After all, on a gloomy autumn day what could be nicer than snuggling up together to share a story!

Ghost Craft

To make this craft start by grabbing some coloured card* (mine is purple). I recommend card or cardstock for this rather than paper just because it holds the paint better – no one wants a sloppy painting if they can avoid it! Dark card is also better than light colours as you want to be able to see the white paint.

Pour some white paint into a dish or plate, we have an old camping plate that we re-use for this.

Grab your pom pom* and dab it into the white paint before using it to ‘draw’ and colour your ghost on your card. You could also use different sized pom poms to create a different effect.

Tip – you can hold the pom pom using your fingers or if your child doesn’t like the feeling of paint grab hold of the pom pom with a clothes peg. Larger pom poms are better for this.

Of course as it’s a ghost there’s no right way to do this, you might have loads of paint in the middle and a little bit at the edges, it might follow a traditional ghost shape or it might be all over the place since who really knows what a ghost would look like? It all depends on what you feel like and of course your child’s age!

Tip – If your child is worried that their craft might not be in a ghost shape (and my kids have definitely had days like that before, especially when they are tired) then you could draw the shape onto the card in pencil for them and have them fill in the shape.

Once your ghost painting is complete cut some eyes and a mouth out of black card* or paper and glue these onto your ghosts body and your craft is ready to display.

easy ghost craft for kids perfect for toddlers and preschool

Easy Ghost Craft

Make a simple ghost craft that’s perfect for Halloween


Keyword: Halloween, Preschooler, toddler

Author: Kate Williams


  • Coloured card

  • White paint

  • Pom pom

  • Old plate or dish

  • Black card

  • Scissors

  • Glue


  • Pour some white paint into your dish.

  • Pick up a pom pom and use it to print the shape of a ghost onto coloured card.

  • Cut out eyes and a mouth from black card.

  • Stick the eyes and mouth onto your ghost.

Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

This paper bag witch craft is really easy to make and makes a great puppet too!

paper-bag-witch-square 300

My kids loved making this stained glass pumpkin craft that’s good for teaching colour mixing too.

Stained-Glass-Pumpkin-Craft-for-Kids 300

These paper bowl monsters are great for kids to make and a good way to encourage creativity with decorating them.

paper-bowl-monster-craft 300

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