easy mother’s day gift ideas

easy mother’s day gift ideas

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I don’t really know who came up with the timing for Mother’s Day, but they really should be fired from their job. They’re probs not around anymore, unless they’re a vampire. 

It sneaks up on us every year. Said founder never considered end-of-the year chaos, combined with all the parties, obligations, and really just wanting to give up in general. How dare they not realize our modern day demands in 1900 something?! And every time something like this comes up, I think about people who don’t have a relationship with their mother, want to be a mother, can’t be a mother, don’t want to be a mother, is missing their mother… so many combos, I could never cover them all. Pressure applied by labels really aren’t any fun. In other words, don’t tell me when to celebrate my mother. Take that, national calendar! Speaking of… I just googled it. THE IRONY. YOU’RE FIRED, ANA JARVIS!

I feel like all my posts have a recurring theme of late. Read: over it. So if you’re anything like us and wanting to do something handmade just for the sake of handmade, here are a few of our fave ideas. If this makes you want to punch us in the throat for thinking that you have time to make this, we promise the next post will be fun and interesting. In the meantime, save it for fun things when you’re feeling more zen and handmade-ish. Good vibes and feelings and love all around. So without further ado, easy handmade mother’s day gift ideas.

How to make marbleized coasters – for the forever-hostess


And this fun gift idea – woodslice keychains


The lost art of the pinch pot – she does need to put her jewelry somewhere, after all.


One year, we gifted my dad a watercolor photo of his childhood home. In a handmade frame.

This would work with family photos, too.

For the mom on the go, we have this fun piece. – How to sew a fabric enevelope

Of course, we love these mother’s day printables that all the kiddos can fill out… + how to make wildflower bombs.



We have some for grandma, too.


You could always pair them with something like this… a windowsill herb garden for the culinary enthusiast.


Or diy marbleized flowerpots

What is it about gardening ideas and mother’s day? Is it just me?

How to make a tassel necklace

Tassel Necklaces for Kids

For the mom on the go – our free planner! You could always print ours out + organize it just for her. We’ve already gotten some questions, and 2020 should be out in a month or two!

free planner 2019

We also have plenty of fun stationery packs {for freeee!} and some great ideas for printables to gather up and give! Be sure to check them all out here. 

A diy menu planner for that mom who loves the kitchen. Or the dad. Or anyone. Wait. I think I just re-inspired myself.


This DIY spa kit!– such a fun little rainy day project. Free printables to pair nicely!

Nothing says we love you like DIY screen printed tees! – A great project for kids.

diy screen printed tees

How about a customized jewelry organizer? You know… for those tassel necklaces you’re going to make. ;}

Or… Pom pom monogram alert! – The best accessory for her desk. – Younger kids can use the wool selection found on Amazon for an easier route.

Plus, a few fun ideas for fabrics and art, and more in the shop. We hope you’ll check it out!

We hope a few fun ideas have gotten those wheels turning – maybe for an easy idea for everyone to tackle as a family this weekend! have an inspired day!

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