Easy Rain Craft for Kids

Easy Rain Craft for Kids

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rain craft ideas cotton wool cloudThis simple rain craft for kids is perfect for preschoolers or as a craft for toddlers. As well as being easy to make it uses items that you’re likely to have at home and along with our other weather crafts and activities it’s a great one if you’re looking at weather crafts or spring crafts.

This rain craft is so easy to that I did actually question if I should even share it, but I know that when you’re looking for activities to do with young kids then often the more ideas you have up your sleeve the better! If you like this activity make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image and at the end of this post you’ll also find links to more easy weather crafts for kids that you might like to try out too.

If you want something that’s even easier to prepare why not check out our free rain cloud template and we’ve also shared a few rain crafts for kids to make using it.

easy rain cloud craft for kids

To make this start with some card or paper – card will hold the weight of this craft better than paper so if you can use that I’d recommend it. Draw on a cloud shape using PVA glue and fill the cloud shape in a bit with the glue too. Next glue on some cotton wool, this is a really nice sensory craft material to use and you can try either just putting the cotton wool straight onto the glue or unrolling it first.

Next up are your raindrops. Pop some blue paint onto a plate so that it’s easier to access and then print these on. The ones I’ve done are two different sizes as it’s a good excuse to use different materials, I’ve used a cotton bud for the smaller ones and a pom pom for the larger ones but another alternative could be finger painting too.

More weather crafts for kids

This paper plate umbrella would be the perfect thing to make alongside this rain craft.

umbrella craft 300

Or for those of you who’d rather think of warmer weather this paper plate sun is really simple and was a collaborative project made by my kids.

handprint sun craft 300

Finally these paper plate snowflakes are really fun to decorate and can hold a lot more paint and decorations than the traditional paper ones.

paper plate snowflakes 300

rain cloud craft

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