Easy Scrunched Paper Spider Craft

Easy Scrunched Paper Spider Craft

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spider craft for kids suitable for preschool or eyfs using scrunched paperI’m so pleased with the way this easy spider craft turned out! It’s super simple to make so it’s suitable for toddlers or preschoolers too, you can use it to help practice those scissor skills and most importantly I think it looks great! Did I mention the looking great part?! Halloween is a great excuse to do some crafting with your kids and this simple craft is easy to set up too.

We’ve shared lots of Halloween crafts for kids over the years (did you know I’ve written a book of them?) but you’ll also find some more easy Halloween ideas at the end of this post if you fancy having a morning or afternoon filled with activities.

I’ve also been sharing some Halloween book ideas for kids recently with some not-too spooky Halloween books for kids but you could also check out these spider books for kids which would be good to look at after making your craft

If you like this idea make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image so that you can return to it later!

simple spider craft for kids suitable for preschool toddlers

To make this craft you’ll need to start with a large piece of coloured card or cardstock. I recommend card for crafts like this rather than paper because large amounts of glue (as kids tend to use!) can make paper a bit floppy or even worse tear.

Draw a web shape onto your card, I’ve used coloured card or cardstock as they’ve shown on everything I’ve tested them on so far (which as you can imagine is quite a lot) but if you’re using light coloured card then I’m sure a normal black marker would work well. You might want to help young kids draw the web shape but older kids will be able to do it themselves – or younger kids might want to draw it too!

Cut out eight strips of black cardstock or paper using kids scissors and then draw a circle in glue onto your coloured card, fill the circle in with more glue and then stick your black card strips onto it to make your spiders legs.

Next scrunch up some black tissue paper and stick this on to make the spiders body – you could try tearing and scrunching different sizes of tissue paper.

Finally cut some circles or ovals from white scrap paper or card and draw a black circle onto them to make them into eyes and stick these onto the spiders body.

Scrunched Paper Spider

Make an easy spider craft that’s perfect for Halloween

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  • Draw a web shape onto coloured card.

  • Cut out eight strips from black card or paper.

  • Make a circle on the web using glue.

  • Stick the eight strips onto the edges of the circle to make the spiders legs.

  • Scrunch up black tissue paper and stick it onto the glue circle.

  • Cut white circles from white card or paper and draw black dots on them to make the spiders eyes.

  • Stick the spiders eyes onto its body.

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