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Easy Sheep Craft – Crafts on Sea

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Easy Sheep Craft - Crafts on Sea miifplus art and craft shareEasy Sheep Craft - Crafts on Sea miifplus art and craft share

This cute and easy sheep craft would be perfect for toddlers or preschoolers to make – the cotton wool is perfect for little hands to grab. Sheep crafts are great to use as spring crafts with your kids but they’re also really good for Easter crafts or if you’re studying a farm unit so they’re one that can be used across a lot of themes. The cotton wool also makes this a really nice sensory craft to create too.

cotton ball sheep craft for preschoolers

We seem to have shared tons of sheep crafts for kids (oops, didn’t realise how many we’d done!) so if you’d like some more ideas for simple craft ideas then you’ll find them at the end of this post – there’s a really good paint stamping one my daughter loved and I really love the one that’s good for scissor skills too. If you want to make sure that you don’t forget about this craft idea then make sure that you bookmark this page or pin the image below so that you’ve got it to hand when you need it.

sheep craft for kids preschool toddler


Easy Sheep Craft for Kids

To make this simple sheep craft start by squeezing some PVA glue (school glue) onto a piece of card in a circular shape – this is a good excuse to discuss shapes with your kids! I’d use card for this craft rather than paper as the cotton wool will weigh the paper down a bit so if you’d like to display it afterwards it stops it being all floppy. Not got any card at home? If you don’t fancy recycling some card for this you could also use a paper plate to get the circular shape – as usual go with what works best for you and your child and what you have available!

Once you have your circle shape fill it in with the glue, you could also use a glue spreader to do this and then start sticking on your cotton wool. You could try putting it on all rolled up or unrolling the ball and laying it out across the gluey area.

Next up is your sheep’s face and legs. From black card or paper cut out two thin rectangles for the sheep’s legs, this can be a good way for younger kids to practice their scissor skills as rectangles are quite easy to cut and you can always give a bit of help holding the paper at the right angle for your child. The face is understandably a bit harder to cut out so you might want to do that bit for your child.

For the eyes you could use googly eyes but I’ve gone with a couple of circles cut out of scrap white paper which have then been stuck onto the sheep’s face. Both the sheep’s face and legs were stuck on with PVA glue the same as the cotton wool.

More Sheep Crafts for Kids

This paper plate sheep twirler is a fantastic way to practice scissor skills and it’s good fun to play with too!

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