Easy Witch Craft for Kids

Easy Witch Craft for Kids

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easy witch craft for kids using a paper plate and egg boxI know there are quite a few paper plate witch crafts out there but I totally love this easy witch craft with her egg box nose. There’s something just a bit more fun about making a craft three dimensional isn’t there! This simple Halloween craft is a great excuse to get the paints out and it’s a fun way to practice scissor skills too (why cut up a worksheet when you can cut out a green nose?!)

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Witch Books for Kids

We love Halloween crafts for kids and have shared loads over the years, make sure you check out the links at the end of this post to see some of our favourites! As well as this witch craft for kids I thought I would share some  Witch books for kids with you – these three are all ones that we have read and enjoyed, in fact we’re working our way through The Worst Witch series right now and my kids are loving it! I think it’s nice to have some themed stories for different seasons and these are ones that have been really popular in our house.

  • Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson
  • The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy
  • Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone by J K Rowling (obviously not one for younger readers – stick to Room on the Broom! But I started reading the Harry Potter series to my kids when my son was five or six which meant that by the time we reached the scarier books he was old enough to not be scared by them. And I couldn’t leave Hermione off a list of books with awesome witches.)

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easy witch craft for kids made with paper plates and egg boxes

Easy Witch Craft

If you’d like to see how to make this fun paper plate witch then you can watch the video below, prefer written instructions? You’ll find them straight underneath.

Start by painting your paper plate green (if you don’t fancy this bit it’s totally possible to buy green paper plates). Once it’s dry cut the long bit out of a green egg box to make your witches nose, making sure that you leave a bit of the egg box at the bottom to make it easier to stick and then glue this onto your paper plate using PVA glue.

Next cut your witches hat out of black card and some strips of hair out of orange paper or card. This is a great one for chilled out practising of scissor skills as being a witch it doesn’t matter at all if her hair looks a bit messy, if you watch the one I’ve made in the video my witches hair isn’t exactly ruler straight either! Using your glue stick the witches hair on either side of her head and then glue her hat on top of that.

Using a black marker pen draw on your witches eyes and mouth and then if you like you can also use pom poms to add a couple of warts.

Easy Paper Plate Witch Craft

Make an easy Halloween craft for kids using paper plates and an egg box


  • Paint your paper plate green and leave to dry. If you are in a rush you can use a green paper plate instead.

  • Cut out your witch’s nose from an egg box and stick this on.

  • Cut out strips of coloured paper for the hair and stick these onto your paper plate.

  • Cut out a black hat shape from cardstock and stick this on.

  • Draw on eyes and a mouth with your black marker.

  • Add green pom poms to be your witch’s warts.

Halloween Crafts for Kids:

We love sharing Halloween crafts for kids and this stained glass pumpkin has to be one of our favourites.

Stained-Glass-Pumpkin-Craft-for-Kids 300

Or if it’s witch crafts that you love this paper bag witch is super simple to make and fun for using as a puppet afterwards.

paper-bag-witch-square 300

Want more inspiration? This round up of Halloween activities has over 40 fun ideas perfect for younger kids.

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