Effective Art Therapy Sessions For Your Mental Health; Costs 0 Dollars

Effective Art Therapy Sessions For Your Mental Health; Costs 0 Dollars

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Interested in Free Art Therapy sessions? The art therapy I’m talking about is in the format of Facebook Live’s (as we are an international group), you can book 1-1 sessions with me below.

The Facebook group is a great way to get to know me quickly even if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your story in a public (the group is private but people in the group would see). 

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It’s been wonderful to see the group grow over the past few weeks and I’m very passionate about sharing resources to help you improve your mental health. 

Facebook Cover for Art Therapy Group + Timezones

Join Us For Art Therapy Sessions Each Week On Facebook! 

I’d love to extend an invitation to the Craft Cafe Facebook Group where I’ll be hosting free weekly Art Therapy sessions on a Friday evening 7pm (UK time) and each week on a Monday there’ll be a Poll for topics to cover! 

The recording is left up so if you’re in Australia and it’s 6am on Saturday morning, you get a pass and can watch the replays under the “Units” tab. 

You are still 100% welcome, we are a truly international group:

Time Zones for Art Therapy sessions (written list below)

Times and Timezones:

  • 7pm GMT – London/Dublin
  • 8pm GMT+1 – Poland/Macedonia/Sweden
  • 2pm EST – Eastern Side of USA
  • 11am PST – Pacific Standard
  • 6am Saturday morning Victoria, Australia

Art Therapy Session 1 Exercise Sample: 

This is a sped up version of the exercise we did together, I also like to flick through old journals to show my progress as an artist over the years and answer any questions that appeared during the live sessions. 

Promotion for Free Art Therapy Sessions - mixed media painted background

When You Get in The Free Art Therapy Sessions Group 

Hit the “Get Notified” button when you see the scheduled live each week, it looks like this: 

Visual showing where to find the notification button inside facebook

You can also enter your number here and I will send a notification just before we go live and at times when I’m running challenges and need to postpone the days – no other times (I respect my phone number with notifications like this, so I will 100% respect yours) .

Make sure your group notifications are turned ON so you don’t miss the Live’s or the Polls at the beginning of each week.

Then Introduce yourself and if you catch up on replays, feel free to add your homeworks to the Unit using #homework. The smile on my face when I see homework; it makes me so happy and gives me the drive to keep going and helping you. 

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Prefer To Book A 1-1 Art Therapy Session Privately? 

That’s no problem at all, you can book here and I’m excited to work with you! 

Before you do that, it’s important to note a few things; 

  • Your success is my success so I’m SO invested in you feeling better
  • I can’t do the work for you but I can do everything I can to support you
  • I will never judge you for doing something that is human nature, even if you personally feel great shame about it 
  • 8 Sessions are recommended, not because I’m trying to bilk you out of lots of money but truly, that’s generally how long it takes for you to see a noticeable change in brain chemistry (similar to losing a stone/14lbs in weight, it won’t work overnight)  
  • If you’re unsure, my DM’s on Facebook are open – send me a message here 
  • Session 1, we will be getting to know each other truly and talking about what I can help you with, I can then develop a fully customised program just for you. 
  • When we work together we are doing things that will rewire your brain and the more often we do it, the more permanent and lasting the change will be.

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