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egg box bird feeder kids can makeNo matter what the time of year this egg box bird feeder is a great craft to make with your kids, perfect for encouraging nature into your garden and super easy to create.

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Kids or grown ups, all of us have a love for nature and it’s great for us to be able to encourage that.

This easy bird feeder for kids to make is super simple and we’re always fans of any kind of crafting that don’t require us to spend loads of money on expensive new materials.

In fact when I made these with my daughter we realised that we had everything we needed for them already in our home, always a bonus when you don’t need to make that extra trip to the store before you get started!

kid made egg box bird feeder

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What Bird Seed Can I Use in an Egg Box Bird Feeder?

For an egg box bird feeder any kind of loose bird feed that’s suitable for wild birds will be fine.

How Long Will an Egg Box Bird Feeder Last?

Being made of cardboard it’s pretty obvious that an egg box bird feeder won’t last forever. If you want something permanent then I’d recommend buying a bird feeder instead.

To my surprise, ours held up pretty well during rain, we live in Cornwall, England and trust me it rains a lot round here.

Ours gave up though after high winds. Not only was the seed blown out of the egg box but eventually our old apple tree that it hung on was blown over too!

egg box bird feeder kids can make homemade diy

Milk Carton Bird Feeder

No egg boxes at home? Or maybe you just fancy making some more DIY bird feeders! We love this sweet juice carton bird feeder made by Red Ted Art that you could make with a carton of milk as well.

For more homemade bird feeder ideas check out our post of easy bird feeders kids can make.

egg box bird feeder kids can make

Egg Box Bird Feeder

This is one of the most simple DIY bird feeders kids can make and is a great way to help attract nature to your backyard.


Author: Kate Williams


  • Coloured Pens

  • Wool or string

  • Scissors


  • Cut the lid off of the egg box.

  • Decorate your egg box using colouring pens.

  • Now it’s time to add the string or wool to your egg box so that it can be hung outside. Take a piece of wool and feed it through the two holes in the raised part of the egg box. You want to create a loop between these on the upper part. on the underneath part of your egg box make knots in your string or wool so that it won’t be pulled back through the holes.

  • Turning your bird feeder back up the correct way you can now fill it with seed and hang it outside.


Our egg boxes have holes in the top of them which are perfect for threading wool or string through but if yours don’t you can make a hole in them yourself. When making holes in paper or card I always recommended playing some blue tack or playdough underneath the thing you are making a whole in so that you don’t hurt anything or anyone with the scissors you are using to make the hole.

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