Elsie’s Wine Cellar Tour – A Beautiful Mess

Elsie’s Wine Cellar Tour – A Beautiful Mess

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When I first saw our house’s listing online, I became obsessed with it and looked at the photos constantly. Have you ever fallen in love with a house listing online? OF COURSE YOU HAVE. This is normal behavior.

Anyway, the one space it described in the listing, but did now show, was the wine cellar. It said it had space for 600 bottles of wine. That’s a lot of wine. I thought it was strange that they didn’t include a photo of it. Then (months later) we went to look at the home in person and it all made sense.

This is how the wine cellar looked on the day we closed on the house. The walls were plywood. I knew it had potential, but it needed some work to bring it up to speed with the rest of the house.

I wanted to make it look nice ASAP. When you first buy a house, I think it’s good to choose a few easier spaces to do early on, just as an encouragement and a mood booster. This project was time consuming, but it was simple and relatively easy to accomplish!

By the way, before deciding to tile, we tried a bunch of other solutions that would have been quicker and easier. We tried removable wallpaper, stick on tile, DIY skim coating, and painting. They all looked BAD. After that, I started to research tile and learned that by using a different type of thin set it’s OK to tile directly onto plywood. Wooo!

Look how pretty it came out! This was definitely a low-waste renovation. We added the tile and added a cabinet with some storage drawers and a butcher block counter. We were able to paint and reuse the shelves that the room came with and we used most of the wine racks, although we did remove a few to make room for the counter.

Adding these two cabinets with drawers and a counter was the best choice for us. We’ve got a lot of extra storage here, which I am planning to store all our party stuff and serving pieces in there. This is the hardware I picked.

We also added a single shelf for liquor. We used some gold brackets from Etsy. I’ve always thought the single shelf is so pretty. If we ever expand our collection I could add another one, but for right now this feels like the perfect amount for us. I like to keep liquors to be able to mix a quick cocktail, but I don’t consider it a collection like I used to where I will add way more. I will probably just replace these as we go.

On the white shelves I put my glassware collection, my beloved ceramic tequila cups, my bitters, and my new teacup collection (2020 brought out my inner grandma).

Wine is a lot of fun to collect, but I feel like it will take semi-forever to get these shelves feeling really “full.” Should I even aim for that, or should I just embrace the sparse vibe? You tell me how you would do it! I’m curious!

Here are the cabinets so you can get a good look.

Here’s a little photo of my liquor collection. I filled it up for my birthday this year. 🙂 I love making cocktails at home!

And here are my non-alcoholic spirits. I shared these on IG lately and got a lot of questions. The whiskey alternative is nice for sipping by itself. It has a similar color and scent to whiskey and a beautiful bottle. The taste itself is not really like whiskey, it’s more like a cousin to whiskey. It’s got a bit of of a spicy kick though and a nice flavor. I also like Seedlip spirits for mixed drinks. The citrus and spice flavors are definitely my favorite. I mix them with cranberry juice often as a nice little mocktail. If you have a home bar, I 100% recommend these as bar staples because when you have a friend who doesn’t drink you can still mix them something fun.

Thanks so much for coming along on my tour! Now, who wants a drink? Cheers! Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Project Assistant: Collin DuPree. Photography: Amber Kelly. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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