Episode #41: Emma’s Quarantine Novel

Hello, friends. Emma here. I am 100% terrified for you to hear today’s episode because this week Elsie and I talk about how I finished a novel recently and am trying to get it published. Ahh!!!!!

You can stream the episode here on the blog or on iTunesSpotifyGoogle PlayTuneInPocket Casts, and Stitcher. You can find the podcast posts archive here.

I talk about Stephen King’s book, On Writing, quite a bit. If you are interested in writing fiction, I highly recommend reading this (or listening to the audio version).

We mention our friend and past agent Lindsay and her e-course on How to Write and Pitch a Book Proposal, which is super helpful if you are looking to get your book published.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me (and the team) emails at podcast AT abeautifulmess DOT com and for all of your support as I’ve been working on this project. It really has meant the world to me! -Emma (& Elsie)

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