Episode #42: Oops, I’m Moving Again

Hi hi … OK, so WE’RE MOVING and this episode contains the long version of the story! This was an unexpected decision that we made a little over a month ago. I wanted to wait to share the news, A. Once we knew it was really happening and B. On the podcast where I could really CHAT it out since there are so many moving parts and details. Hope you enjoy … my personal drama is 100% your entertainment this week. Haha!

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Show notes: 

-Before I begin … I get it, this is crazy. But also it’s just a house. It’s both. I simultaneously feel humiliated that we spent so much time shopping for a “forever home” only to move six months later, and proud that we took the leap to pivot when it became clear it was the right move. So anyway, feel free to poke fun at me, I honestly really deserve it this time. UGH.

-If you’re not a podcast listener or cannot listen without a transcript (we have been working on adding transcripts, by the way, apologies for the delay!), I can summarize for you why we are moving. The short answer is that during the quarantine we decided that it would be easier to move to a larger home than to take on the project of building on to our home. COVID-19 put a lot in perspective for us, and suddenly “easier” and “simple” became a huge priority. And with the virus still escalating, we realized that having our ideal office and guest space was more of an immediate priority than we felt it was when we purchased our current home last December.

-Our next episode will be about big quarantine changes. We have collected some STORIES—I laughed, I cried … it’s gonna be a doozy. If you have any stories we’d love to hear yours in the comments here or if you prefer you can email us at podcast AT abeautifulmess DOT com 

-Here’s a link to Joy Cho’s post I mentioned that sent me over a cliff (not her fault, I was already headed over that cliff for sure—haha). But truly, I am grateful that COVID-19 forced me to take a pause and really evaluate our options before jumping into a lengthy building process.

-Here’s a link to our realtor Daniel Long, who is such an angel human and talented realtor.

-In the episode, I feel like I could have better described what we love about the house we ended up finding. I have always been a REALLY bad storyteller and jump ahead, skip details and generally just rush through stories and skip all the best parts. Ugh!

So here’s a little more JUICE. The new house that we found checks every single box from our must-have list, which we never expected to find. It is way more pet-friendly for our dogs than our previous two homes have been (one of our dogs is becoming elderly and can no longer do stairs), it has all the rooms on our must-have list. It doesn’t need a lot of work but it also DOES need a lot of updating—the perfect combination for a blogger like me. It is beautiful, but very much stuck in the 1990s, so it will be a fun ongoing project for us that we can tackle at a pace that fits with our life as parents of two little people. Also, the yard is flat, and the cul-de-sac is perfect for our girls, as they are both into riding scooters now. Most importantly though, it felt strangely “like home” from the first time we stepped foot inside. Our realtor, Daniel, even commented that it reminded him of our previous home, which felt right.

-So, prepping our half-moved in home to list in one month was SUPER crazy. One part fun and exciting, and one part the most exhausting month of our lives. I’m still recovering from the stress of it.

For most of the month, we didn’t even know if it was possible. Then suddenly, the last of the clean up was done and it felt like a magic moment … the house looked GOOD. Here are some links to stuff that has already gone up: painted kitchen cabinets, refreshing our deck, our painted exterior(and there is quite a bit more coming over the next month or two!)

-I’d love to hear your ideas for surprising children with a new home. We’re so excited and we want to make it special for them, especially since this has generally been a really unsettled year for them.

Whew … I feel like we just bonded on a whole new level. Haha! Thank you so much for following along. I love you! xx- Elsie

P.S. If you have more questions, leave them for me here. If we get enough questions, I might do a mini episode just Q+A and clarifying stuff from this episode!

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