Episode #6: Handmade Gifts – A Beautiful Mess

Episode #6: Handmade Gifts – A Beautiful Mess

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Episode #6: Handmade Gifts - A Beautiful Mess sharing by miifplus art and craft and design

One of the first and most obvious topics we knew we wanted to cover this season is handmade gifts! As much as we love shopping, there is nothing better than giving and receiving handmade presents for the holidays.

Show notes:

-There’s a (Nova) Easter egg at the end of this episode!! So don’t miss it.

-OK, so Emma is kind of a scrooge saying she only wants consumable gifts … but if we’re being honest, don’t most of us feel this way? Here are few tutorials to make your own for gifting this season:

Past gifts we’ve made:

Guilty pleasure treasures:

Mama Mia! Here We Go Again

-Eyelash extensions

Emma’s photo album collection:

xo! Elsie and Emma

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