Using Clip’s beta Pose Scanner feature, you can now create the pose you want for a 3D model simply by importing a photo.

AI in creative software is more and more common these days, but Clip Studio Paint’s latest update offers something not yet seen in Adobe CC and the likes – the opportunity to pose your 3D characters according to an existing photograph.

Previously, users could choose from preset poses or individually move the limbs and angle to adjust the pose. With the new Pose Scanner feature, they can not only use photos to create the pose they want but after applying a pose, the model can be moved to another angle for compositions that are different to the original photo.

On Windows and macOS versions of the software, users can import images, while on the iPad version they can also take photos and apply these poses in addition to existing images.

The new Ver. 1.8.6 update also includes a dozen new brushes for realistic watercolour and gouache painting of the sort below.

This update is free for existing users of Clip Studio Paint (Pro, Ex, and Debut), and will be available on Windows, macOS, and iPad versions in what Celsys are dubbing a ‘technology preview feature’ – beta testing, in other words, so expect a few glitches. If that doesn’t put you off, then purchase the software here for £38/$49.99

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