Fingerprint Earth Day Craft for Preschoolers

Fingerprint Earth Day Craft for Preschoolers

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fingerprint earth day craft for kidsThis simple Earth Day activity is super quick to set up using our free template so it’s perfect if you want something to do with the kids.  Using fingerprints makes this a great Earth Day craft for preschoolers and toddlers although obviously you can use it with older kids too. In this post as well as the template I’ll be sharing some more easy Earth Day crafts for kids including another craft that uses the same template.

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earth day crafts for kids preschool fingerprint activity

Finger painting is a great activity for kids but if they don’t like the feel of paint on their fingers you could use a pom pom instead to get the same effect. You could also make the green paint by mixing blue and yellow paints if you’d like to look at colour mixing with your child.

When you are doing fingerpainting it’s normally easiest if you pop the paint onto a plate first so that your children can dip their fingers into it, this is quite a fun sensory activity in itself! We have found though that small pots with wide openings can also be really good for finger painting too – and also mean that we have less washing up afterwards! Make sure that you also have some cloths or wipes to hand so that you can clean your child’s fingers before they wander off – fingerpainting on paper is great but no one wants finger painting on their walls!

You can get our free printable Earth template here, it’s free for personal or school / preschool use so grab as many copies as you’d like. We’ve also used it to make this torn paper Earth craft.

More Earth Crafts for Kids

If you’re in the mood for more easy Earth Day crafts why not try out these stained glass Earth suncatchers which look great displayed in a window.

earth suncatchers square 300

Or why not try this Earth Day craft that uses up old bubble wrap.

earth craft paper plate square 300

Finally this collage Earth craft is a good way to recycle old magazines.

paper plate earth collage 300

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