Fish Fathers Day Card Kids Can Make

Fish Fathers Day Card Kids Can Make

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easy fathers day card kids can make preschool toddlerRecently I’ve been looking for some Fathers Day cards that kids can make and while I’ve found a lot of cute ideas out there I really struggled to find much that younger kids can do so I put my thinking cap on and came up with this cute fish card. Of course older kids can make it and below you’ll find some ideas about what they could do, but it’s been designed so that toddlers or preschoolers can have a go too. Either way it’s fantastic, or fin-tastic, your call.

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Fathers Day Card Materials:

White card

Coloured card

Coloured paint

Black pen


Googly eyes


Let’s make it:

I’ve made a quick video to show how I made this card below as I like to see how things have been made, but if you prefer to read instructions then you’ll find them below. I’ve speeded up the video to make it super quick to watch too!

Start by drawing a fish shape on to some coloured card, I originally tried to do the whole shape as one freehand but it didn’t look that fish-y? Instead I found it looked much better to draw a normal fish shape and then add the fins afterwards. Next colour in your fish, to make this Fathers Day card as kid friendly as I could I’ve gone for finger painting – which I also think makes it into a nice keepsake – but it’s something that you could really easily change depending what craft supplies you have and what your kids are into. You could do normal painting, drawing, collage or make some scales out of coloured paper. Older kids can also do the writing themselves as well as any cutting.

fish fathers day card

On your white card write ‘Dad, you’re fin-tastic’ (dad jokes for Fathers Day? Absolutely!) and then stick on your fish underneath.

Like this idea? Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image so that you don’t forget to make it!

More Easy Fathers Day Cards

Need more ideas? This fan card can be decorated by even really young kids.

fathers day card fan 300

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number one dad fathers day card 300

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fathers day preschool 300

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