Fix Old Photos With This One Easy Photoshop Trick

Fix Old Photos With This One Easy Photoshop Trick

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Do you know that strange red tint on all of the photos in your family albums? It has a name – it’s called a color cast. Most old pictures have one, and if you scan and upload them to Photoshop, you can easily do away with it.

color cast how to fix old photos in photoshop

In Photoshop Restoration Rescue, CreativeLive instructor Matt Kloskowski shared a quick and easy restoring tip to help you fix old photos, even as a novice Photoshop user. Simply put, you just need to, “close the gaps between the edge of the histogram,” Matt explained.

Not quite sure what that means? This quick primer on histograms – what they’re for and how to use them – can help.

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Essentially, though, what Matt means is that to get the best results you’ll close the gaps between the edge of the range for each of the channels: red, blue, and green. It’s a simple technique that just requires a little slide of the mouse. And even though it’s a simple action, the results are impressive.

Corrected Color Cast

For a more comprehensive look at how to fix old photos using Photoshop, check out Matt’s tutorial:

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