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We share a lot of seasonal activities on Crafts on Sea and these printable four seasons activity sheets are going to fit in perfectly with printable ideas to help your child learn about each of the seasons.

The four seasons are a great topic to study with children as it’s one that you can look at any time of the year. These printable activities make it even easier for you to do meaning you can spend more time having fun together and less time having to prepare.

four seasons activity sheets for kids

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What You’ll Find on This Page

What’s in the four seasons activity sheets pack?

As with the majority of our printables, these activity sheets are available as a PDF so you will receive all of them, however of course you only need to print the ones that are of interest to your child. Just make sure when you go to print that you select the numbers of the pages you want if this is the case.

  • Colour the four seasons trees
  • Fill in the missing letter
  • Cut and paste – match the season to the clothes
  • Match the season to the activities
  • Four Seasons wheel
  • Girl and boy paper dolls to dress up for each of the seasons

You can get all these activity sheets at the bottom of this page by subscribing to the free Crafts on Sea newsletter.

Four Seasons Tree Printable

If you are learning about the four seasons then our free printable four seasons tree template is perfect for a simple craft that can be used in loads of ways! I’ve added a video to this page of the printable being used to give you an idea of some of the crafts we’ve used it for. Make sure you grab it too!

four seasons printables activities for kids

How To Make a Four Seasons Wheel Craft

All of the printables included in this pack re pretty self explanatory but I thought I would add some additional instructions for the four seasons wheel in case you haven’t made a wheel craft before.

You might find it easier to print the wheel craft out onto cardstock rather than paper to make it a little sturdier but it doesn’t matter too much if you only have paper at home.

  1. Print out the craft and cut out the two separate pieces.
  2. Using a pencil make a whole in the centre of each piece where the black dot is. I find it best to put some playdough or bluetac behind the paper when I’m doing this so it doesn’t rip.
  3. Put the smaller printable on top of the whole circle and place a split pin through both of them. Open the pin at the back to hold the pieces of paper in place. You can now turn the wheel to see each of the pictures underneath.

How To Get Your Four Seasons Activity Sheets

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