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Four Seasons Tree Painting – Crafts on Sea

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four seasons tree painting activityPerfect for learning about the seasons and weather this four seasons tree painting idea is easy for kids to make and uses our free template to make it simple for you to set this activity up.

Learning about the seasons is fun, but I know that for my kids any subject is a bit more interesting when they get to do something creative about it!

We’ve created loads of tree crafts over the years with ideas for each season, but if you’d like to create something that shows all the seasons on one page then our four seasons crafts are perfect.

Want something a bit bigger? Just grab our free tree template and you can make each of your seasons on a separate page instead but we love having them all on one page for this.

For another idea for painting this template you can also check out this four seasons tree craft or you can watch a quick video of the tutorial on this page.

four seasons tree craft for kids painting activity art free template

What You’ll Find on This Page

Free Four Seasons Tree Template

Want to use the same template that we have for this craft? All you need to do is download our free four seasons tree template.

The template is available with both UK and US spelling so you can choose the one which suits where you live.

four seasons tree painting activity

Four Seasons Tree Painting

Make this easy four seasons craft using sponge painting.


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Author: Kate Williams


  • 1 Four seasons tree printable
  • Coloured paint Green, pink, red, yellow, blue
  • Cotton bud / Q-tip


  • Print out the four seasons tree template and pour a little of each coloured paint onto a plate.

  • Four the spring and summer trees dip your sponge into the green paint and then dab it on the branches to colour them in.

  • To finish the spring tree dab the end of a cotton bud (q-tip) into pink paint and dot this onto the tree to make some blossom.

  • Four the autumn / fall tree dab the sponge in red, yellow and green paint and use this to colour in the tree.

  • Four the winter tree dab the sponge into blue paint and use this to decorate the tree.


Instead of the pink paint for the spring tree you could use white if you prefer.
For this craft I used a normal bath sponge but cut it into smaller pieces to make it easier to use. You may also find it easier to have a different piece of sponge for each colour so that they don’t run. (The exception here being for the fall colours.) They can be washed and stored for using again afterwards.
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More Seasonal Crafts for Kids

We’ve got craft ideas for every season – plus lots of free templates to help you make them too!

These rain crafts are great for spring (or, ahem, British summertime) and the cotton wool looks really effective for the clouds.

Rainbow crafts are another one that work well all year round and they’re really cheerful too!

rainbow crafts for kids simple activities

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