Four Seasons Tree Template: FREE Printable

Four Seasons Tree Template: FREE Printable

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four seasons tree printable template freeI’ve previously shared a free tree template for kids crafts on this site and I know that a lot of you have used it for season crafts so I wanted to be able to share something specific that you could use. This four seasons printable tree template is perfect for this and it comes with both UK and US spellings so everyone can join in the fun.

Four seasons crafts for kids are always really popular as children learn about the different times of the year. They’re a really good activity to make with children the whole year round and are a nice way to help kids to observe the changes around them.

As there’s a difference in the UK and US spellings (autumn and fall) I’m sharing two different versions so that you can choose the terminology that’s used in your area. As the letters are in bubble writing your child can also colour in the seasons names if they would like.

I’ll be sharing some crafts made with this template but you’ll also find some ideas below for four seasons crafts that you can make with your child.

You’ll also find a link to our popular tree template where you’ll find even more ideas for tree crafts for each season.

Like this idea but can’t get to a printer right now? Make sure that you pin this page or bookmark it so that you can return to it when you’re ready to get crafting.

Love easy crafts? We’ve got free templates for kids crafts for every season.

four seasons tree template pdf

Four Seasons Project Ideas

Use a q-tip (cotton bud) dipped in different colour paints to make different colour leaves for each season.

Cut up scrap paper to make a collage on each tree depending on the season. Go with green for summer and add pink blossom for spring, oranges, reds and yellows for autumn and either leave it blank or add some white for winter.

Paint each tree using finger painting, this would make a cute keepsake too.

Use pieces of coloured scrunched tissue paper to decorate your tree.

Four Seasons Tree Terms of Use

This template is free for personal and school / preschool use only. You are free to print as many copies as you would like but you may not edit or sell this PDF. If you wish to link to this PDF to share it with friends, students or on another blog, please link to this page and not the PDF itself.

Printable Four Seasons Tree Template

Click here to download your four seasons template with US spellings.

Click here to download your four seasons template with UK spellings.

Free Tree Template

Fancy making a larger project? You can find out free tree template here which is perfect for larger artworks. If you want to do a four seasons craft with it you could always place four printables next to each other.

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