Four Years in our Home – Favorite Projects, Regrets and What’s Next?

Four Years in our Home – Favorite Projects, Regrets and What’s Next?

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Four Years in our Home – Favorite ProjectsFour Years in our Home – Favorite Projects

Four years in our home. I can’t believe it either! I am feeling really nostalgic and wanted to share a walk down memory lane today. I’m here to share favorite projects, regrets and what’s next.

Some of the happiest moments of my life have happened while living in this home. Bringing Nova home is an obvious favorite … she’s our pride and joy. The launch of our app, A Color Story, happened while we were living here. I’m also incredibly proud of us for making it through our first major renovation and staying focused until we ended up with a home we love. And I have no doubt we will make so many more incredible memories, including bringing home our second daughter!

So, about that walk down memory lane …

Favorite projects 
–Our exterior updates
(I told Jeremy there was no way we were looking at this home unless we could paint the exterior white. It makes my eyes so happy every single day—best $ we spent on this house, hands down!)
–The projector (yes yes yes)
–DIY fiber art (I’ve seen so many of you make this and it makes me so happyyyyyy!)
–A-Frame Playhouse and Play Set
–Our DIY campaign dresser 
–Gold cactus wallpaper
–My closet makeover (this one is small but it makes me happy every SINGLE day)

And a few favorite room tours: 
–Our den tour
-Our master bedroom and bathroom
-My first big holiday home tours here and here, and don’t forget Halloween
(these are some of my favorite blog posts and memories)
–Marigold’s nursery tour

Hmmm … I have thought about this a lot. I’m overall really happy with how the home came out, but in hindsight I rushed too much. It was my first big renovation and I had unrealistic expectations for how quickly we could renovate a home this size. I wish I would have focused on just one room at a time instead of trying to renovate and design so many at once.

The biggest lessons I learned from this renovation were to not rush so much and to enjoy the planning phase. Now that I’m done with all the renovation I miss it and wish I had spaced it out more.

I also regret not putting in a deck. Now that we’ve been here four years and we’re talking about moving, my husband doesn’t want to do it anymore, which I understand since it’s a huge project. I wish I would have prioritized it higher up on the list. But at the end of the day, it’s not that big of a deal. I’ll think of that deck as my “the one that got away”—haha.

What’s next?
While we no longer have any large projects on our list, there are still so many other projects I want to do. It feels like a fun change of pace to have this season for smaller projects. We also have some bnb properties we are renovating, and those keep me super busy. If we have any big gaps between those projects, I’d really like to mix it up and learn to make pasta or learn to sew—two things I’ve been wanting to do for years.

We’re currently not sure whether moving is in our near future or not. It’s something we’re giving a lot of thought to and are still on the fence about. As I mentioned in this post, I am currently inspired by some very different styles of homes, so narrowing down the style of my “dream home” feels like a lot of pressure. But we are getting to the phase in life where we’d be doing a “forever home” (or if not forever, a home where we live while our kids are going through school).

Lately, I’ve been enjoying the dreaming phase. I’ve been spending my nights glued to Pinterest and researching different areas and neighborhoods. It’s fun to have so many exciting possibilities on the horizon.

Happy four years, cute little kitchen! We love you.

I feel so lucky that we stumbled on this home when we did. It was the greatest project for me. I feel like I grew 10x in my design skills and my knowledge of remodeling since we moved here. Very thankful for the chance to turn this ’70s ranch into our dream home!

xx! Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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