Frans Lanting Calls For Photos To Critique

Frans Lanting Calls For Photos To Critique

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World-renowned National Geographic photographer, Frans Lanting is a master at telling a visual story with his photos. For three decades he has documented wildlife from the Amazon to Antarctica to promote understanding about the Earth and its natural history through images that convey a passion for nature and a sense of wonder about our living planet.

This March, Frans returns to CreativeLive for an exciting course entitled The Art of Bird Photography, where you’ll have the opportunity to have this  wildlife photography master take a look at how you see the world, and offer constructive and actionable critiques on how to improve your imagery

As part of this incredible course, we are calling on you, our photography students, to submit your images for a chance to have it critiqued by Frans Lanting in his class! 

Hone Your Wildlife and Bird Photography

In this curated review, you’ll get expert insight into improving your work so you can begin capturing unforgettable images of birds..

Want to see your work critiqued by Frans Lanting live on air? Images should be at least 4k pixels on the long side, but keep files under 10MB

Label your JPG files: yourfullname.jpg.

Here are a couple of Frans’s incredible images to inspire you to go through your catalog and submit your work:

Submit an image showing how you see the world, and then tune in on March  to see if your photo made the cut for critique by a true nature photography master.  Even if your work is not chosen, the lessons provided will be invaluable in helping you to take on your next adventure.  

This is an incredible opportunity, so make sure you submit now, because he will only have time to critique a certain number of images during this live event! 

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