FREE Dragonfly Template (Printable PDF)

FREE Dragonfly Template (Printable PDF)

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dragonfly template free printableI love dragonflies, my kids do too. They’re pretty rare for us to find and they always seem kind of other worldly. If like us you’re unlikely to find one the moment you pop outside then fear not, you can make your own with this free dragonfly template that’s perfect for kids art and crafts. I’ve also got ideas on how you can use and decorate your  template and you’ll also find details of more free templates for kids crafts that you can find on this site.

Like this template? If you’re not ready to print it quite yet or want to make sure you have it to hand on another day then make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image for later. When you do print it though make sure you use the actual PDF and not the images on this page or the size will be all strange!

What You’ll Find on This Page

How To Use Your Dragonfly Template

  • Colouring – this is obviously the easiest way to use the template and is perfect if you want an easy activity for your kids. Just grab some coloured pens of paints and have fun!
  • We’ve previously made dragonfly suncatchers and you could use this template for making the shape of them.
  • Make a mosaic dragonfly using scraps of old paper and magazines. Simply put some glue onto the dragonfly shape and cut out small shapes from your paper and then glue them on. This would be a good way to practice scissor skills too.
  • Paint your dragonfly using a cotton bud / q-tip dipped in paint.
  • Dip a cork in paint and use that to colour your dragonfly.

dragonfly template free printable pdf for kids crafts painting

Terms and Conditions Of Use

This template is free for personal and school / preschool use only. You may print as many copies of the template as you would like. You must not edit the PDF and you can not sell it. If you would like to share the template with other people please link to this page not the PDF itself.

Download Your Dragonfly Template

Click here to download your dragonfly template.

More Free Templates for Kids Crafts

This bee template would be great if you are learning about insects.

This rainbow template is a fun excuse to get all of the coloured paints or pens out.

rainbow crafts for kids simple activities

We love this tree template that you can use as a four seasons craft.

spring tree 300

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