Free Ghost Template (Printable PDF)

Free Ghost Template (Printable PDF)

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ghost template free printableWe love sharing ghost crafts for kids and hopefully this free ghost template will make it even easier for you to create some fun Halloween activities with your child.

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Printable Ghost Template

Halloween is a fun time for kids but it doesn’t have to be just about dressing up and trick or treating.

When my kids were younger I started doing Halloween crafts with them as a way of putting even more fun into our day. Not that they needed more excitement on Halloween mind you but I guess I just liked to really ramp them up!

By the time they were ready to go out trick or treating we’d have a room filled with their Halloween arts and crafts. You’ll find a lot of them on this site and the suncatcher below was one of their favourites.

I know though that preparing and setting up kids crafts can take a lot of time and effort (and sometimes my drawings are terrible too) so having a couple of Halloween themed templates to hand can help make things that little easier.

Want more Halloween templates? Check out our free pumpkin template too.

Ghost Template Craft Ideas

  • Grab the white paint and use this template with our easy ghost craft.
  • Make a torn paper ghost.
  • Use this template to make a resist art ghost.
  • Use fingerprint painting to colour in your ghost.
  • You could make ghost suncatcher using white tissue paper. We’ve made a pumpkin suncatcher before and I’ve linked the tutorial for it to this page so you can see how it would work (or click through the link for written instructions and materials.) Just print your ghost template out and then cut about a 2cm border around the edge to make the outside of your template before you fill it in.

free ghost template printable pdf

Ghost Template Terms of Use

This PDF is free for personal use and for use in schools and preschools. You may print and use as many copies as you would like. You may not sell this PDF or upload it to another website. You can also not edit this PDF.

Free Ghost Printable

Download and print your free ghost template here.

We’ve got loads of free templates for kids crafts with ideas and printables for every season. Make sure you check them out!

More Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

This easy spider craft for kids is super simple to make and you could use it as a way of practicing scissor skills too.

Easy Spider Craft for Kids 300

I love monster craft for kids because there’s no ‘right’ way to do them – you can have as many eyes, noses or ears as you want and go with the loudest colours you fancy! Try this paper bowl monster craft for a simple way to let your child’s creativity shine.

paper-bowl-monster-craft 300

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