Free I-Spy Camping Game for Kids

Free I-Spy Camping Game for Kids

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free camping i-spy printableWe love sharing camping activities for kids – they’re perfect for whether you’re just about to head out on a trip, just come back from camping with your kids or want something to keep them entertained while you’re away. We camp regularly and camping games for kids are always popular as an easy way to keep them entertained. I’m going to print this off for our next trip too – actually my daughter helped choose the design so I know it’s kid-approved round our house already! Grab your free copy, print off as many as you need for your family and get ready to have some fun looking out for tents, lanterns, camp fires and more!

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Camping with kids:

We’ve been camping as a family ever since my son was three and my daughter wasn’t quite yet one and we’ve done everything from staying one night close to home to two weeks travelling across France with our tent. For me there are probably two things that made the biggest impact in changing our trips from good to awesome and that’s a camping toilet and lots of games! Do you really need a camping toilet? If you never need to get up in the night, your kids always sleep through and they don’t need to go to the toilet until you’ve had that first cup of tea or you don’t mind traipsing across wet grass in the dark then you should be all good, save your money for extra marshmallows instead. For our family? Lifesaver!! We have the most basic ‘bucket with a lid’ sort of thing you can get but obviously there’s a lot fancier versions out there.

As for games we have ones for inside and out depending on what the weather is like and how tired we all are – also while we love our outdoor games like swingball it’s just not a good idea if my kids wake up at 6am. (We do totally take their kindles and it’s precisely for those early morning wakes). For indoor games we love Orchard Toys games like Llamas in Pyjamas, snap and the Monopoly card game while outdoors we have a cricket set and boules. And now of course we can take our camping I-Spy game too!

Like this printable? Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image so you’ve got it to hand when you’re ready to print it out. plus keep reading for more camping activities and crafts for kids.

camping game for kids i-spy free printable

Free Printable Camping I-Spy Game

Click here to download your free camping themed I-Spy game. Please note that this printable is free for personal or school / preschool use only.

More Camping Activities for Kids

We my kids love drawing and writing stories so these camping story stones are a great idea. You can use them to inspire a bit of creative writing or storytelling or as some inspiration for decorating painted rocks – another great idea for getting outside!

Aren’t these mini-teepees so cute! Grab our free template and make some too for some fun small world play.

Finally why not check out our popular round up of camping crafts for kids for even more inspiration.

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