Free Printable Sweet Valentines Cards To Colour

free printable valentine card to colour sweets

When it comes to sending cards I love a cheesy pun and this free printable Valentines card for kids to colour was just to sweet for me to resist sharing!

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What You’ll Find on This Page

Free Printable Valentines Cards to Colour

This year I’ve been sharing lots of new free printables for Valentines Day with activity sheets, games and Valentines cards to colour.

I think that kids giving Valentines cards to their friends and family is a nice idea (after all, showing friendship and love for each other is important) but I also think it’s nice if you can turn it into an activity for your child too, rather than just something to hand out.

That’s why these cards are designed for your child to colour them in!

As well as this sweet themed card you’ll also find details below of other free printables.

Who Can I Send This Card To?

I’ve purposely gone with a message of ‘You Are Sweet’ rather than ‘I love you’ so that kids can use it for their friends. Of course kids can (and do!) love their friends but having two children myself I know that they’ve not always been keen on wanting to give out cards saying they love people.

This is the kid of thing that changes depending what day of the week it is, the main thing I’ve learnt about parenthood is that my children will normally do the opposite of what I expect!

That being said, of course these can be given to family members too – I’m sure lots of grandparents, aunts and uncles would love to receive a card like this.

Personally I’d also love to receive one of these cards from my kids! So if you are working in a childcare setting you can always send these home with kids to give to a parent.

free valentines cards for kids to colour printable sweet

What Should I Use To Colour This Card?

You can use colouring pens or pencils to colour this card. If you are using pens then you might want to print this onto cardstock rather than paper to make sure that the ink doesn’t leak through at all.

Colouring pens though do normally give a brighter colour than pencils and they’re normally my children’s choice for crafts like this one.

How Can I Print This Valentines Card?

This card is available in US and UK print sizes so it should be fine to print it wherever you live. All you need is a printer with ink and some paper or cardstock.

The cards are designed to be folded in half so that you can write a message on the inside.

You Are Sweet Valentines Card PDFs

To download your free Valentines cards to colour just click on the link below for the paper size that you want.

You Are Sweet Valentines Card – US Letter Size

You Are Sweet Valentines Card – UK A4 Size

More Free Valentines Cards To Colour

If you like this card then why not check out our free lion themed Valentines card to colour too.

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