Free Rainbow Template (Downloadable PDF)

Free Rainbow Template (Downloadable PDF)

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I’m so excited to share this free rainbow template with you for you to use in arts and crafts with your kids! I think that everyone loves rainbows, I know I certainly do and seeing one always brightens me up! Now with this free rainbow PDF for you to download you can have fun with your child creating your own bit of that gorgeous rainbow joy at home, school or preschool!free rainbow template pdf to download

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Rainbow crafts are great if you’re looking at weather crafts and activities but they’re also great for spring crafts, summer crafts and St Patricks Day too, a real all rounder!

They’re also great if you’re learning about colours so this really is a template that you can find a use for all year round.

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What You’ll Find on This Page

Free Templates for Kids Crafts

Over the last couple of years we’ve been steadily adding away at our collection of free templates for kids crafts. They’re a great way for you to easily prepare simple activities for your child and they’re a great way for your child to express their creativity too!

If you like this rainbow template why not try out some more of our favourites which are all totally free for you to print and use.

In each case we’ve also shared some simple ideas for crafts that you can do with them to help get some ideas going.

If you like this template and want to make sure that you don’t forget about it then be sure to bookmark this page or pin an image. Make sure that you download the PDF through the proper link though or the sizing will be wrong.

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Rainbow Books for Kids

If there’s an excuse we can find for trying out a new story we’ll normally go for it! All these rainbow themed books sound fantastic and would be perfect to share together after some rainbow themed crafting.

Ideas for Decorating This Rainbow Template

Colouring or painting – as the most easy way to decorate your rainbow template just grab your crayons or pens and colour it in. Just colouring it is a good way to help learn the colours of the rainbow and sometimes the easiest ideas are the ones you’ll enjoy most

Mosaic – Fancy something a little bit more than colouring? Cut out small squares or rectangles of coloured paper and glue them on to make your rainbow. This can be a good way to practice scissor skills too.

Stickers – Grab some coloured dot stickers and use them to decorate. You could look for different stickers too such as star shapes or gems

Nature Rainbow – Cover your rainbow template in double sided sellotape and then hunt around your garden or backyard for flowers, leaves and grasses of each colour to fill in your rainbow.

Cotton Buds – Dip a cotton bud (Q-Tip) in coloured paint and use this to decorate your rainbow.

Lego and Finger painting – check out our post of rainbow crafts for kids to see these three craft ideas in action.

rainbow craft with free printable

Free Rainbow Template

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More Weather Crafts for Kids

Make some simple rain crafts for kids using our template.

rain crafts 300

These paper plate snowflakes are a great one to make if your kids like using a lot of paint or glue!

paper plate snowflakes 300

This paper plate sun craft was a joint project made by my kids.

handprint sun craft 300

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