Free Snowflake Template (Printable PDF)

snowflake template pdfI’m a big fan of anything that makes doing arts and crafts with kids that bit easier and this simple free snowflake template is perfect if you’re doing some winter crafts for kids or looking at weather crafts and activities with them. The snowflake template comes as two PDF’s and there are four different snowflake designs for you, one larger easy design that has a page to itself and three smaller snowflake patterns on another page if you fancy doing something a little more detailed or just changing things up a bit.

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What You’ll Find on This Page

What Is Included In The Template?

This PDF contains two pages of snowflake templates.

  • One page with a large basic snowflake template
  • One page with three smaller snowflake images

You can get these snowflake templates at the bottom of this page by subscribing to the free Crafts on Sea newsletter.

We have loads of free templates for kids crafts with more ideas like mittens and snowmen that are perfect for winter. Make sure you check them out!

snowflake template easy pdf

How Can I Decorate a Paper Snowflake?

The PDF’s I’m sharing here are also the ones that I’ve used for our easy snowflake crafts so if you’d like to see these free templates in action and get some ideas for how to use this then be sure to check those out too.

I love the mosaic idea and I’ve shared to this page a little video of the snowflake template in action being used with another of these crafts.

easy snowflake crafts for kids preschool

Other ideas you might like to try are:

Colouring – sometimes the easiest ideas are the best! If you print the snowflakes on white paper* then use a blue pen to colour them.

Use coloured gem stickers* or dot stickers * for an activity that will be great for fine motor skills too.

Glue on some coloured pom poms*, blue shades would be great and maybe some purples too.

Stick coloured buttons* on to your snowflake


free snowflake template printable


How To Get Your Snowflake Templates

To get the free templates, subscribe below in the box showing an image of the snowflakes. Once you’ve confirmed your email address they will be delivered to your inbox as a free gift. Please make sure to check ALL folders for the confirmation email. 



More Free Snowflake Activities for Kids

This snowflake paper plate twirler is a great way to practice scissor skills and my daughter loved making hers.

Snowflake Paper Plate Twirler 300

Make and decorate some paper plate snowflakes – great for kids that like using a lot of paint and decorations.

paper plate snowflakes 300


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