Free Sun Templates (Printable PDF)

Free Sun Templates (Printable PDF)

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free sun templates for kids crafts PDFWhether you are looking at weather crafts, summer or just need a quick and simple activity for the kids these free sun template is a great option giving you a quick way to set up a craft for your child without the stress of making something that looks like it’s meant to.

Because yes, I know that drawing a sun should be easy but I also know that sometimes my own drawings don’t quite turn out quite how I want them too, and certainly not as symmetrical as I’d like!

I’m also sharing two different designs so that your child can choose their favourite – or you can use them to try out different ways of decorating them.

This PDF template is also great if you are working with a group of children as it’s free to print off as many copies as you need, meaning that you don’t need to draw the same thing again and again.

Like these templates? Make sure you bookmark this page or pin an image so you don’t forget about them (we’ve all been there!) but make sure you print them from the links below and not the images on this page or they won’t print properly!

What You’ll Find on This Page

How To Use These Templates

There are lots of ways that you could use these templates but if you need a few ideas to get you started then why not try out these?

Colouring – There’s absolutely nothing wrong in going for the most simple and easy option, it’s normally the one my kids do too! Grab some colouring pens or paints and get colouring.

Collage – Hunt for scraps of old paper and look through comics and magazines then cut out any yellow, orange or gold areas and glue them onto your sun.

Scrunched tissue paper – I love the way this looks when it’s finished! Tear up small pieces of coloured tissue paper and roll it into balls and then glue them onto your sun template.

sun template for kids crafts art PDF downloadable

More Templates for Kids Crafts

Love the simplicity of printing off a template? We’ve shared lots and with each template you’ll also find some ideas on how you can use them. One of our most popular is this free tree template or if you are looking at weather crafts why not check out this snowflake template or this rain cloud template.

Want to check out the rest? You’ll find all of our free templates for kids crafts listed here.

Free Sun Templates Terms of Use

These templates are free for personal and school / preschool use only. You may print as many copies of them as you need. If you would like to link to these PDF’s to share them with others please link to this page and not to the PDF’s themselves. You may not edit the PDF’s in any way and you may not sell them.

Sun Template PDF

Click here to download and print the sun template with pointed rays.

Click here to download and print the sun template with long rays.

(That’s the best description I could come up with right now!)

More Sun Crafts

This cute handprint sun was made by my son and daughter together when they were both very little, I think it’s super cute.

handprint sun craft 300

This doily sun craft was a really cheap craft to make.

doily sun craft square 300

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