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free superhero activity sheets for kidsDo your kids like superheros? Both my kids are obsessed and have been for a long time, I think they’re slowly moving over from DC to Marvel but despite their ages changing their interest hasn’t changed at all! Today I’m sharing some free superhero activity sheets for kids. They’re are loads of educational activities and you’ll find some crazy-big printable packs that you can download (there’s one over 50 pages and another with over 70!) but you’ll also find bingo games and colouring sheets for when you just want some chilled out superhero themed fun.

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Just so that you know, this is a really old post that I’ve updated. It used to link to a site of a fellow blogger that was unwell so myself and some other bloggers were trying to help out and get her some extra traffic however the site no longer runs and I didn’t want people directed to something that was no longer there (because that’s frustrating, right?) so I’ve hunted out some more posts and activities that I think that you and your kids might enjoy. I just thought I better add that in case you’d found this post on Pinterest and were wondering why it’s different images to the ones you’d seen.

Superhero Books for Kids

As both my kids love superheros we’ve managed to make our way through quite a lot of superhero themed books over the last few years, either ones we’ve bought or ones that we’ve borrowed from the library. I’m a great believer that if you want your kids to read then you need to give them stuff that they like – we started off on the Marvel World of Reading books which were brilliant and I found it easy to work out which level my son needed, through the DC Super Friends Books (still being read after three or four years), the Marvel Character Encyclopedia and umm… I recently left out a copy of Spider-Gwen that my son found and read. He enjoyed it but I do have to be careful what’s left about now – no Deadpool! Looking for the links for these books I’ve also just found this Captain Marvel book and now I need that in my life. I mean my daughter needs it. Ahem…

Like these activities? Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image so that you can print them off next time you’re near a printer.

Just discovered these Spiderman colouring pages on In The Playroom and in all honestly I’ll probably be printing them off for after school tonight! There’s a dot-to-dot and spot the difference included in the pack too.

Mary, Martha, Mama has superhero number worksheets for preschoolers (with some very sweet illustrations!)

Make some fun superhero alphabet cuffs using the free printables from 123 Homeschool 4 Me.

Fireflies and Mudpies has a superhero themed printable bingo game.

Totschooling has a free skip counting workbook that’s superhero themed.

In The Playroom has a great looking superhero printable memory game.

123 Homeschool for Me has a massive downloadable pack of free educational superhero activities – there’s over 59 pages! It’s designed for children from toddler age through preschooler, kindergarten, first and second grade and includes pre-writing and writing practice, cutting, maths and loads more.

Practice word families with this superhero printable from Totschooling.

3 Dinosaurs has another huge pack of free superhero activities with over 70 pages that you can download. Activities include matching cards, puzzles, count and graph and trace the word and as you can imagine, loads more which you can find listed on the site.

When I asked some other bloggers for their help in getting some links back into this post this suggestion from Simple Fun For Kids really made me smile – it’s one of the first things I pinned to a secret board on Pinterest for ideas I thought my son would like. The printables are superhero names writing practice and you’ll find Batman, Captain America and Ironman amongst others.

Simple Fun for Kids has a gorgeous looking superhero graphing game to print and play.

Big Hero Six is one of our family’s favourite films so this activity pack from In The Playroom that includes a maze and a spot the difference would be perfect for keeping the kids entertained on a rainy day.

More Superhero Activities for Kids

This Captain American Shield is fun for kids to make and of course they can play with it afterwards!

DIY Captain America Shield

Our Batman science activity is a favourite of my kids and one that keeps them entertained for ages too.

batman science activity 300batman science activity

A Thor Helmet made out of a paper plate? Absolutely! A really fun little dressing up idea that will cost you pennies.

DIY Thor Helmet

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