Free Umbrella Template – Crafts on Sea

Free Umbrella Template – Crafts on Sea

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UMBRELLA TEMPLATEAre you looking for some easy weather crafts for kids or spring activities? This free umbrella template is perfect for creating kids crafts and activities with minimal set up time. We’ve got lots of ideas for how you can use it as well as other rainy day craft activities perfect for trying out with your child.

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What You’ll Find on This Page

Free Templates for Kids Crafts

Crafting with kids is great but preparing those activities can take a lot of time and of course money!

We’ve shared loads of free templates for kids crafts to help you have something you can easily download and print so that you can get started on doing something, not trawling through Pinterest or shops looking for ideas.

We’ve got templates for throughout the year and we always share ideas on how you can use them too, so make sure you have a look for other ideas you can try at home or in the classroom.

How To Decorate Your Umbrella Template

Colouring – This is the easiest way to decorate all of our templates and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Grab colouring pencils, pens or paint and design a pattern for your umbrella. You could even draw yourself under the umbrella if you like.

You could also cut out the finished umbrellas and use them for a classroom or preschool display board.

Add the rain – If you’ve coloured in your umbrella why not add some rain to the background using some paint. Make small dots using a cotton bud (q-tip) or some bubble wrap dipped in blue paint.

Make sure to leave space under the umbrella without paint as the umbrella should be keeping it dry!

Mosaic – Look for old magazines, comics and scraps of paper that you can cut up to make a mosaic on your umbrella.

I’d recommend doing each section in different colours but obviously go with what your child fancies making. Mosaic can be a great way to practice some scissor skills too if you want.

umbrella template free printable pdf

Printable Umbrella Template

This template is free for personal and school / preschool / youth group use only. You may not edit the PDF or sell it.

Click here to download your umbrella template.

More Rainy Day Craft Ideas

These rain crafts were all made using our free rain cloud template so they’re pretty quick to set up we think they look great!

rain craft for kids

This easy rain craft is one of our most popular weather crafts. It’s a simple one that younger kids can make.

rain cloud craft

My kids made these paper plate umbrellas with me.

umbrella craft for kids

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