Fun Half Birthday Ideas To Put A Smile On Everyone’s Face

Fun Half Birthday Ideas To Put A Smile On Everyone’s Face

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half birthday ideas for kidsNow, I know half-birthdays aren’t always the most popular idea with everyone (‘your kids will be spoilt!’ ‘why do you have to celebrate everything!’) but recently I’ve been thinking more and more about them. All our birthdays are in autumn and winter and frankly? It sucks. I love the idea of a celebration in the warmer months and if that makes me a terrible person then so be it! These half birthday ideas are simple and fun ways for you to celebrate with your kids (although there’s no shame in a grown up celebrating a half birthday either!) and are a great excuse to put a smile on everyone’s face.

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To be honest with you I’m totally the kind of mum who struggles to organise a party once a year for her kids but I think the idea of celebrating a half birthday as a fun family thing to do is actually pretty nice! After all this last year has been pretty much a roller-coaster and anything that can help us all have a bit more fun in our lives has to be a good thing!

I thought I’d share some half birthday ideas for anyone else who’s tempted to make the plunge too, after all, if having two birthdays is good enough for the Queen then it’s good enough for me.  I’ve also got 11 half birthday ideas for adults (and shhh but they’d be pretty cool for kids too!)

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Do People Celebrate Half Birthdays?

Yes! They’re actually a pretty cool idea if you’re child has a birthday on a big holiday such as Christmas or New Year (and we all know someone who has one of those) as they mean that they still get a day that’s just for them. If like our family you have winter birthdays a half birthday might be a fun excuse to get out the paddling pool, barbecue and cake as well.

When Is My Half Birthday?

If you’re not sure when you or your child’s half birthday is then you can always look it up on a half-birthday calculator.

Half Birthday Ideas

Wake your kids up by singing ‘Happy half-birthday to you’.

Decorate half a room with streamers or paper chains.

Let your child choose a special birthday breakfast – you could serve pancakes cut in half!

Let your kids stay up half an hour late.

Decorate with a half birthday banner*.

For babies who are celebrating their first six months why not put up photos of them at each of the months they’ve had so far, so a photo at one month old, two months old etc.

Half Birthday Food Ideas

Have half a pizza for dinner (or half one topping and half a different one) and serve it with half glasses of drink

Have a picnic for lunch – make the most of being able to get out if your half-birthday is in the warmer months or if not a picnic on the front room floor is lots of fun too.

Serve hot dogs cut in halves.

Half Birthday Cake Ideas

Have half a cake for dinner, with half a candle on it.

Either bake or buy a cake covered in frosting and then cover half of the cake in sprinkles.

Grab a half birthday cake topper* for an easy decoration that will look fantastic!

Half Birthday Crown

Half birthday crowns are probably more appropriate for young kids than umm, people my age but they look fantastic and will help create gorgeous photos to look back on, you can buy some here*.

Half Birthday Onesie

If you’re celebrating your child’s first six months then a half birthday onesie* is a great idea for an outfit that you can team up with clothes you already own.

Half Birthday Ideas

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