Gearing Towards Innovation: Kaschkasch On Their Subdued Craftsmanship And Design Method

Striving to explore the essence of this age, friends are often go-to advisers when the studio is forming solutions. “I always find observations of non-professionals exciting; they can bring a completely new perspective to the projects. Of course, these need to be smartly filtered,” shares Schneider. At the end, it’s all about creating delightful living spaces—and the designs that make them ideal. “As a trainee, I found it very interesting to be at people’s homes and see how they furnish them,” confesses Kallus.

Today, kaschkasch has a clear vision of the perfect living environment. “For me it’s light, openness, and well selected objects, furnitures, art, and souvenirs. There must be an emotional attachment to or practical use for things,” says Kallus. For Schneider, “it should be imperfect yet cozy; warmth plays a decisive role for me, in lighting, furniture, colors, and materials,” he explains. “And it shouldn’t miss a garden,” he adds. Is it a mere coincidence that their upcoming projects are outdoor topics? It may be too soon to tell—so far, the duo has alluded to their 2021 designs as “something exciting”. Knowing kaschkasch, they are sure to be.

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