Gettin’ Spooky! – Aunt Peaches

Gettin’ Spooky! – Aunt Peaches

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Oh my goodness, how is it already October? So much is going on in the world these days…and not all of it good. Some of it downright scary. I just want to blanket myself in crafts and painting and decorating and pound-size logs of cookie dough. My appreciation for dark humor has reached new heights. I have now become the person who trolls Michael’s looking for life-skeletons.

Are they half off yet? Are they half off yet? Oh happy, day the skeletons are now HALF OFF!

This is my face when skeletons go half off.

As much as I like the skeleton situation, my craft itch needed to be scratched. Enter: a spooky spider wreath.

Want to make one? Reulllll easy. On a crafty scale of 1-10, this is a 1. You can do it!

Materials: Grapevine wreath, moss, a paddle of wire, and a variety of spiders.

Start by loosely laying some moss over half of the wreath. You might want to do this outside. It’s messy. Like coyote den messy. Trust me: go outside.

Now take the paddle wire and wrap it around the wreath diagonally. No need for perfection, but it pull it kinda tight-ish. When you come to the end of the mossy half, add more moss and repeat. Don’t worry about fluffing the moss too much – we’ll get to that.

Now grab yourself a spider and slip a leg under the wire. He’s going to stay there. Spiders do that. No glue needed!

For the smaller spiders, tuck the wire over the abdomen just to be safe. Black wire might be better, but I had the green stuff. I’m cool with that.

Now is the time to gently fluff and pull the moss. Let it dangle. Let it look like your crazy 8th-grade science teacher’s hair. Let it dance!

That’s it! Under $20 and snazzy as all get out. Get yourself to Michaels and get your spider wreath party on! 

This guy’s name is Geraldo. If you think he’s scary now, you need to see him when he’s wet!

Happy Halloween!



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