getting kids to pitch in with yardwork {and a greenworks giveaway!}

getting kids to pitch in with yardwork {and a greenworks giveaway!}

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As of today, we have two days left of school, which means the kids will officially be home full time. It’s been the craziest month between all the end of year school things with full-fledged projects and award ceremonies and programs and gifts and… but we’re glad to get settled into less of a schedule and just be. (A.K.A. getting kids to pitch in with yardwork.)

So what do we do to celebrate? We put them to work, suckas! 

Just kidding. To kick off summer, we plan to do plenty of activities balanced out with plenty of down time. We also plan to enlist them with chores around the house. As we mentioned earlier on the site, it’s time for the big clean up around on the outside, and they’ll definitely be a part of it. 

getting kids to pitch in with yardwork

That’s where Greenworks tools come in. We love their easy, battery powered, lightweight yard tools that make work a breeze. It also makes tools accessible for just about anyone, especially involving the kids in the yard work. 

Is this not the cutest little yard guy you ever did see? They graciously agreed to pose for the back-yard-a-palooza clean up fun. 

getting kids to pitch in with yardwork

We have to say, when we took on this shoot, they were fighting over who got to use what. The novelty will wear off soon enough, because reality. But the tools are so easy to use that we love our kids are able to safely take part in things around the yard and all things outdoor maintenance. 

getting kids to pitch in with yardwork

This means it’s time to teach them a few of the basics, and while working alongside them, pass it down to them.

We think one of the most valuable life lessons we can teach them is being self-sufficient with great life skills. And this includes now that they’re old enough, slowly but surely teaching them. From laundry to prepping meals and… you guessed it, even yard work. It’s all about an education that goes beyond just books. 

This time, in addition to the mower, we broke out the Greenworks weed eater.

It’s so lightweight and easy, our oldest was able to get into tight spots and keep working.

He was having so much fun, that he started writing letters in the grass. I think it was S.O.S. ;}

But I guess that’s besides the point.

battery powered blower

It’s also clean-up time in the hideaway.

Which means all that seasonal stuff that’s blown in over time, has got to go. We use a variety of products but for the heavy duty clean up, we really love the Greenworks blower. It quickly removes all the things, and doesn’t weigh 500 pounds… so the kids can do it!

But this is why we’re so excited about this giveaway! Greenworks tools are friendly to the environment and battery powered. Which is a major plus when cutting down on greenhouse gases. This is a company we {and our children-who are actually very interested in caring for the enviroment} are so excited about. They’re graciously hosting another fun giveaway to celebrate going green!

Greenworks tools are truly built for the family. Lightweight and easy to operate, they allow everyone to get involved. All of their designs are corded or battery operated. That means there is no issue for people mixing gas correctly, spillages, or any of the other hassles that come with potentially overwhelming gas-powered tools. 

Greenworks is also asking you to take the Green Pledge and commit to a better future and to help you stay informed and to provide a place for ideas they’ve created a community Facebook page.

AND to celebrate all this, Greenworks wanted to spread the love to you. They’re giving three people the chance to win a 300 dollar gift cards! 

He’s seriously so excited about mowing the lawn

• To enter, simply jump over to the Greenworks tools Instagram page, follow them and comment on the post.

• Want more chances to win? Simply @ a friend in the Greenworks post. Every friend you tag gains you another entry. So like the photo and tag 1o friends, you get 11 entries. Tag 15 friends and you get 16 chances to win! See how that works!?

The contest winners will be picked on Friday, May 24 at 3 pm EST. Tag as many as you want until then. May the luckiest of ducks win, and we can’t wait to share more with you about these fun tools! 

Be sure to check out the Greenworks tools at your local Lowes.

As always, let us know if you have any questions. Have an inspired day!

{We partnered with and are sponsored by our good friends at Greenworks for this giveaway. For more info on our branded content please visit our disclosure page.}

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