I have not seen Ghost in the Shell yet, but it’s definitely on the list of movies I want to see despite the not so good reviews. One of the reasons is the look and feel of the movie. The post modern, futuristic look full of neons and crazy stuff. For this post we share a little bit of of the art direction behind it from a post shared by Ash Thorp and Christoffer Bjerre on their Behance pages. The sequences and images in the reel represent a compilation of work created for the Ghost in the Shell live action film, which includes everything from animation tests to final assets implemented in the film. 




Early on in the film’s development, I met with Rupert to discuss some of the creative direction. He expressed his desire to paint the city with neon lights in a new form that he coined as “Solograms”, which are solid holograms.  It is something in the realm of a particle system of light that can be moved and augmented in Z space.  I loved the idea and instantly got to work building out concepts and ideas.  Below you will see a mix of various style frames, concepts, and final production assets that made it into the film. These concepts then went into post production where Chris Bjerre and I animated and created an asset library for Rupert to paint his city with. –  Ash Thorp

Art Direction


Maciej and I pitched a few poster renditions for the marketing of the film.  Although the posters were not eventually commissioned, we really enjoyed connecting and building them out regardless. 


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