Hair Love: the year’s best animated short is finally online – News

Hair Love: the year’s best animated short is finally online – News

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Sony’s animation division once again shows we don’t need the House of Mouse.

Finally, something to thank Angry Birds for. This summer’s Angry Birds 2 flew and went in cinemas with middling results, but movie goers who splashed out on the needless sequel were treated to not just the worst but also best of Sony’s increasingly intriguing animation division thanks to the movie’s accompanying short, Hair Love.

A beautiful one-off in the vein of Pixar’s original shorts heyday, Hair Love is a touching examination of love and hair styling which needs to be watched instead of spoiled:

Not only is it probably the best example of original American animation since Into the Spiderverse, it also stands alongside that film as one of those rare progressive portrayals of African-American life in animation.

The connection shouldn’t come as a surprise considering Spiderverse director Peter Ramsey executively produced the short, with direction coming from Matthew A. Cherry, who Kickstarted the animation to the tune of $200,000, the highest amount ever raised for a short film on the platform. That money also saw a picture book based on the film come out earlier this year, ironically before the film had even been seen in cinemas.

Hair Love itself though is nothing like Spiderverse; think more Dianne Jackson and Dave Unwin with their classic Raymond Briggs adaptations. Either way, it’s better than the more recent shorts from Pixar, and perhaps positions Sony Pictures Animation as the 2020s equivalent of Warner Bros. Animation when they were made their killer 1990s Batman cartoons.

Disney better be worried, in other words.

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