hang a tv on a tile wall – a how to

hang a tv on a tile wall – a how to

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Can we say it enough, but we are so in love with the indoor endless pool project we just completed. Not only was the client the best ever and super fun to work with, but the project itself is just simply stunning. So today we wanted to share another aspect about the project: how to hang a tv on a tile wall.

hang a tv on a tile wall

We had so many elements which needed to come together from a form and function standpoint to make this space truly one of a kind, and the envy of all her friends.

A big challenge we faced was how to make the space more than a simple pool room with empty, wasted space. It would have been super easy to dig the pool and slap a covering over it, but along with the client, we shared a bigger vision.

hang a tv on a tile wall

{This portion of the post about how to hang a tv on a tile wall is sponsored by SANUS on behalf of Everywhere Agency; however, the project, as well as all thoughts and opinions, are original to us.}

Part of that vision was including a TV in the space, but the TV needed to be in front of the pool so she could view it while on the treadmill in the pool and of course, we didn’t want any ordinary sheetrock wall. We needed a beautiful tile wall.

Which brings us to why we are sharing about how to hang a TV on a tile wall.

Because we know this scares a lot of people, the drilling into tile and all, but we want to share how completely simple it really is.

Of course, the first step is having the correct TV mount.

We love the SANUS brand and they have so many options for every TV and every situation, which really takes the guesswork out of what to buy.

SANUS made it easy for us to meet all of our client’s needs. We wanted a full motion tv wall mount, but also tilting tv wall mount to angle towards the pool.

hang a tv on a tile wall: step one

Once you know what tv mount you want to use the next step is to locate your studs, because you’ll want to make sure you’re anchoring the TV into the studs, not just empty drywall. We had a little advantage here as we built from the ground up, so we were able to place and mark the studs as we built.

If you’re adding to a preexisting tiled wall, you’ll either want to find a stud finder or other method to locate the studs. If you’re lucky enough to be hanging by the outlet, then you can locate studs using it, as all outlets are generally attached to one side or the other of a stud.

Of course, knowing which side can be tricky, but sometimes you can tell by taking off the face plate. If you have access to an attic or crawl space, you can always use those to help find your studs as well. And if your framer was good, then the studs should be on 16 inch centers.

Once you’ve located your stud, you’ll want to plan out the location of your TV along with anything else going on the wall. (There are mounts that swing and rotate to allow you to take advantage of stud placement.) 

We love to use FrogTape to measure off and give a visual of where everything will go. This helps so much in the install process. But even more in the planning phase, to make sure all our spacing is correct and you’re satisfied before drilling a single hole.

It helped us work around that little thermostat and to make sure our shelving hit the right spots.

hang a tv on a tile wall

hang a tv on a tile wall: step two

Once we solved all our placement issues, we simply broke out the template included by SANUS and mark where we would need to drill. We loved not having to measure from hole to hole, but simply center the template and mark. Winning! 

Once it’s marked, simply drill your hole with a diamond tip drill bit, and you’re done.

If you’ve never drilled into tile, the best hint I can give you is to go slow and steady. Don’t force it, let the bit and drill do the work so that you don’t crack the tile.

mount a tv on a tile wall

hang a tv on a tile wall: step three

You’ll screw the wall plate into the wall, and then attach the brackets to the tv, and mount the tv to the wall plate. 

how to mount a tv


It really is that simple to mount a tv to a tile wall.

At face value it can seem intimidating, but there really is nothing to be scared of. It’s just a process, and totally doable with SANUS!

hang a tv on a tile wall

We hope this helped you overcome some of your fears about how to hang a tv on a tile wall.

For helpful information on how to mount a tv, check out this tutorial form SANUS on unboxing and mounting.

Have an inspired day!

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