Hello Cards {FREE Printable Cards for Kids}

Hello Cards {FREE Printable Cards for Kids}

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Hello Cards FREE Printable Cards for Kids sharing by miisplus art and craft and design

free printable cards for kidsSo I really wanted to find something to share with you that I thought would help us through this time and after a chat with the lovely Gemma who helps with my printables we came up with these gorgeous free printable cards for kids to colour.

What You’ll Find on This Page

Hello Cards

We’re stuck at home, school isn’t closed officially but my kids are under the weather anyway so I’m suddenly doing something like homeschooling. I know that loads of you are in the same situation and I wanted something that would spread some cheer and also keep your kids busy for a bit.

While mine coloured these this morning I grabbed a shower, that’s the level of winning I’m aiming for right now.

Also, you can write a message in them to someone and that counts as literacy, well it does here right now anyway.

In this post you’ll find two different designs of card to download, some ideas on the materials you’ll want, ideas on how to share them no matter if you can get out or not and details of more of our free printables which I hope might help you out a bit.

If you like these cards I’d really love it if you could pin this post or share it with a friend so they can use it too – we all need a bit of cheer right now!

free printable cards for kids to colour pdf

Who To Send Your Card To

If you’re ok and able to get out then you can send these to a friend or family member that might appreciate some post. My son made his for a friend and my daughter made hers to send to her cousins. You could print a copy and put it under a neighbours door to let them know you’re thinking of them or that you can help them out if they need anything. You’ll notice that I have washing on my radiator behind my son here and you might also notice that my son’s card has lots of pokemons added to it. We’re very much keeping it real at the moment.

print and colour card for kids

I know all of you aren’t able to get out at all though (sending you lots of virtual love, we all need lots of that right now) so if you can’t use the post you could print and colour it and then Skype or Facetime whoever you’d like to send it to: grandparents, friends, aunts and uncles. You know who’d be happy to see your kid share a card they’ve made for them. Show them the colouring they’ve done, read aloud what you’ve written inside and promise you’ll give it to them next time you see them.

cards kids can colour in

Not got anyone who fits the bill? No worries, get your kids to colour it, pop a photo on Instagram and tag me @craftsonsea and I’ll leave a message for them telling them what an AWESOME job they’ve done. This would give me and the kids something to do too so think of it as doing us a favour 😉

cards to colour and send to friends

Hello Card Designs

With both Gemma and my kids at home we wanted some designs our kids would actually want to use (no shame in that!) so the two designs were chosen by my kids. My son wanted a design with the paper aeroplane on it and my daughter wanted a design with lots of hearts and love. I think they’re both super cheerful and I love them both!

What We Used

I used plain white printer paper as that’s what we have at home, white card would also be great if you can get it. I’m afraid making envelopes is way beyond my skills so if you’re sending this you’ll want to grab some A5 or US size envelopes. We also used both felt tip pens and colouring pencils as my kids wanted to use both.

Printable Cards for Kids Download

We’ve created these cards  in two different sizes so they should work on most printers. The cards are absolutely free for you to use and print as many copies as you’d like but please don’t edit the PDF’s at all and don’t sell them on to anyone. If you are linking to these cards at all please link to this page and not the PDFs themselves.

A4 Sized Hello Cards

US Letter Sized Hello Cards

free printable cards for kids

Printable Cards for Kids

Print and colour these cards to help brighten up someones day.


Keyword: free printable, greetings card

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes

Author: Kate Williams


  • Card or paper white
  • Hello cards printable


  • Grab the free Hello cards printable from this site choosing the right size for your country.
  • Print the card you want (or both) and fold in half.
    printable greetings card for kids
  • Colour in the card and write a message inside.
    free printable cards for kids to colour

More Free Printables

Our tree template is one of our most popular templates as we’ve also shared a lot of ways you can use it.

spring tree 300

Here for the cheerful stuff? Try this free rainbow template.

rainbow crafts for kids simple activities

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