Here’s How To Find The BEST Craft Cabinet With Table To Suit YOU

I get so many questions about the very best option for a craft cabinet with table. The one that I have is attached to my DreamBox craft cabinet. 

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The craft table is huge because I bought the side tables which essentially tripled my craft table space and when my back is so bad that I can’t sit down, I get my husband to raise the legs and I can go in and out and make something quick.

Just to scratch the creative itch.  


Black Friday DreamBox Sale Coupon 2

So what if you have been on the fence but have also had my DreamBox pinned for the last year and haven’t got yours yet?  

I know, I know, it happens.

Before the DreamBox, I had the WorkBox 3.0 pinned forever and when it wasn’t available anymore I actually felt a loss.

When I realised what I was feeling for a unit that I had coveted but let sit on a Pinterest board and then pass me by, I realised I couldn’t be the only person who does that. Right?!

A craft room can be an amazing, inspiring and motivating space but when you have the wrong types of storage your room quickly gathers clutter, and more clutter and even more clutter.

Until you hate that room for how it makes you feel; suffocated.

I know because I went through this exact situation last year.

There was the feeling of loss that I couldn’t figure out until I realised I hadn’t made a single thing in MONTHS.

I could never find anything and that buried itself so deep into my subconscious that I just completely stopped thinking about making things.

When I thought “oh I could make that” and then “oh but I don’t know where anything is and I don’t have the energy to look for it”.

With the DreamBox craft furniture, I’ve eliminated that. Completely.

So, I decided to show you some craft cabinet with table ideas that will help you organize your craft room.

They include straightforward assembly (or prebuilt) delivery curbside and doors so you can hide your mess when visitors arrive. Something I like to call a “hidey up”.


TL;DR Section:

All furniture included is a craft cabinet with table.

Features: DreamBox KnightsHayes Watersmeet Sew Station
Electric Machine Lifter
100’s Of 5 Star Reviews
Over 3424 square inches of table space
Fully Customisable Package
Returns Accepted
PreBuilt Option Available
2 Year Warranty


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The Dream Box; A Craft Cabinet With Table For Crafts

Over 1000 5 Star Reviews from their UK, EU and US Stores.

The DreamBox, available at CreateRoom (formerly The Original ScrapBox company), is a trifold storage unit full of vertically adjustable shelves, transparent tote drawers, divided door storage, hooks, and more if you like.

All of their products are designed to perfectly organize all of your crafting tools and materials in one incredibly customisable unit.

The accessories are outstanding; including the

Craft cabinet with table - pre built service 5 star reviews

You can get the DreamBox delivered curbside already put together. It just arrives in 3 separate parts that click together. Or you can get the ‘assembly required’ option but be warned, the pamphlet says it takes up to 2 days to build.

Which is accurate.

However, if you give your husband a bottle of wine, his fave tunes and a free mallet, turns out it’s pretty enjoyable.

Craft Now Pay later

Use coupon code HHMUK1000 or HHMUK563 🇪🇺🇬🇧 to save $300 off your order of this epic craft cabinet with table.

My Husband and I Acting Like Kids In The Craft Room:

Craft Now Pay later

Use coupon code HHMUK1000 or HHMUK563 to save $300 off your order of this epic craft cabinet with table.


Craft Cabinet With Table - Storage 4 Crafts Knightshayes Allstore

Storage 4 Crafts Knightshayes Allstore with Over 50 Storage Boxes – Vanilla

Only 5 5 Star Reviews

This appears to be another amazing storage unit.

The Storage 4 Crafts Knightshayes Allstore is great for keeping your craft space organised however it is important to note that the storage area and drawers/totes are smaller than the DreamBox.

While you may be paying a similar price, you do actually get more bang for your buck with the DreamBox plus the option of additional accessories build specifically for your unit. There’s no custom build option here.

If you decide to order this unit, you will be contacted to choose a convenient delivery time. Your craft cabinet with table will be delivered to you and it will arrive fully assembled, BUT…

…it is non-returnable whereas the DreamBox comes with a 2-year warranty.


Craft Cabinet With Table - Storage 4 Crafts Watersmeet Allstore and Light storage sewing unit in Oak

Storage 4 Crafts Watersmeet Allstore and Light Storage Sewing Unit – Oak

Zero Reviews Thus Far

This unit features 33 Allstore boxes and a mixed size of 9 trays as well as additional shelving and workspace.

However, it’s clear that this is about half of the storage space afforded to you by the DreamBox at a higher price.

This sewing solution goes from a closed wardrobe style unit to a functional sewing station but if you need a dedicated sewing table with cabinet, the Sew Station is a much better option that even includes an electric lifter for your machines.

Again, this unit arrives prebuilt BUT it is NON-RETURNABLE; the Sew Station and DreamBox come with that two-year warranty for a similar price.


Craft cabinet with table - Sew Station, Ideal for sewing

The SewStation; The Ultimate Sewing Machine Crafts Table

Sew and create with your machine front and centre, this was designed to give you the easiest access to your sewing machines.

Yes, even if you have more than one. Or you can stow your sewing machine away for instant table space.

It can be easily paired with the DreamBox for a whopping 3940 square inches of table space.

As with the DreamBox, this unit comes with a 2-year warranty and there’s a pre-built service.

Their customer service team also receives a 5-star rating and their furniture is the most popular for a reason.

Black Friday


Craft cabinet with table - Sew Station and DreamBox
The Sew Station and DreamBox Unit together

To Sum Up This Craft Cabinet with Table Guide

If you love to work in your craft room but find it’s always in a constant state of chaos, having any one of these furniture pieces will help.

However, to maximise the flow of your creative productivity, I cannot stress how important it is to have easy access to supplies PLUS the option of customising your craft storage.

Revolutionise the way you work with ample tabletop space with the most epic crafting cabinet of all. Those thousands of reviews are all 5 stars for a very good reason.

If you don’t feel like any of these units will work for you, I’d really love to know why.

Let me know in the comments below so I can consider these things when writing my next guide for you and find even better solutions.

Find the vest craft cabinet with table to suit the way you craft, whether you need a new sewing table or a craft armoire with desk attached, these 4 options will cover you for most situations

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