Houseparty Scavenger Hunt (FREE Printable for Kids)

Houseparty Scavenger Hunt (FREE Printable for Kids)

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Houseparty Scavenger HuntStaying at home can be a bit lonely for everyone and it’s great for kids to be able to still have fun with their friends. My kids have really enjoyed seeing their friends using Houseparty and this Houseparty scavenger hunt is a great way for them to have fun online together and keep active.

We’ve previously shared a scavenger hunt for Zoom that totally works on the same premise, this is a different scavenger hunt though with different ideas for things for kids to find so if you need something else to keep the kids busy (and who doesn’t need more ideas right now?) then it’s a great option.

If you like this idea I’d love it if you could share it so that others can play it too!

houseparty scavenger hunt for kids free printable

What You’ll Find on This Page

A Quick Note About Playing Games Online

I’m sure that I’m telling you stuff that’s blatantly obvious here but as usual do be mindful whenever your kids are online and check that you know who they are playing with. There’s an article on the BBC about Houseparty which includes a few details at the end about checking your privacy filters for the app and obviously make sure that you are happy with how it works before you allow your child to use it. I always stay in the same room as my kids when they’re talking to people online so I can be happy with the situation, especially if they’re using something new.

What is a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a game where people need to find all the items on a list. Some people also call them a treasure hunt but to my kids they tend to expect treasure in a treasure hunt and I’m not convinced that looking for a tube of toothpaste is going to count as that.

Do I need to use Houseparty to Play This Scavenger Hunt?

Nope, you can use Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp – whatever works for you. Bear in mind though that different apps allow different amounts of people to take part. My kids have been using Houseparty or Zoom because it means that they can play with more people at once, nice if you want to catch up with cousins or school friends!

What do you Need to Play a Scavenger Hunt on Houseparty?

Each person or team playing will need an account on Houseparty and you’ll also need a list of things to find (see our one below). I’d also recommend a pen and paper to keep track of what the score is and in case you want to change any of the items to find last minute (I’ve totally done that before). For the final item in this list you would also need a separate camera or phone to take the picture on, if any team doesn’t have one then obviously change that bit (check before you start) but we’ve found previously that the photo challenges are good fun and normally make their way onto our family whatsapp group!

Because my kids can’t help but try and cheat at every game in the history of existence I’ve also found that if I’m giving out the items to find it’s easier if  I’m in a separate room and on a different account to them so I can see which team gets back first and they can’t try and sneak a look at the list of items I have. If your kids are never tempted to cheat at games then this probably isn’t so much an issue for you. I like to imagine that mine are cunning and resourceful and…. yeah they just can’t help themselves.

What are the Rules of The Scavenger Hunt?

Read out each item one at a time. Whichever team makes it back first with the item wins the point and the team with the most points at the end win.

Can you Play Other Scavenger Hunts on Houseparty?

Of course! We’ve got a printable scavenger hunt for Zoom that would work just as well, I just like making up lots of ideas to keep my kids busy! We’ve also got a list of ten games kids can play on Zoom that would obviously work for Houseparty too.

Scavenger Hunt Printable Terms and Conditions

This scavenger hunt printable is free for personal use only but you are free to print and use as many copies as you would like. You may not edit this PDF (except with a biro, that’s fine!) and you may not sell it. If you wish to link to this printable please link to this page and not the PDF itself.

Houseparty Scavenger Hunt Printable

Click here to download your free printable scavenger hunt for Houseparty.

More Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Try our outdoor scavenger hunt that’s perfect for backyards and gardens, it’s free to print and you can colour in your answers if you’d like.

No backyard? Raining? Not a problem, you can try our our free printable indoor scavenger hunt.

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