How To Build Healthy Work From Home Habits

New year, same pandemic amirite? We are officially venturing into year three of this not-so “new normal” – which got me wondering how many of us actually set ourselves up for work from home success? If you’re like me, you threw together a temporary workspace expecting to go back to the office in 2020 and that’s where you still are right now.

Now that we are “settled” into work from home life and have been here awhile, it seems like it’s about time to set up a real workspace and work boundaries too. Since most of us are juggling being parents, teachers and employees all under one roof, it’s important to make sure we are creating sustainable habits that make work/home life happy and healthy (and no, working from your bed is not one of them).

When we are armed with the right habits, we can be prepared for the inevitable challenges that come with working from home. After taking a real look at my not-so-healthy wfh habits, I realized I was creating more anxiety for myself than I would like to admit. So this year I’m setting myself up for real success. Below are four new healthy wfh habits I’m implementing in 2022.

Be Strategic About Your Calendar / Meetings

Prior to the pandemic, I used to front load all my meetings at the beginning of the week. What 2021 taught me is that Zoom / Google Hangout fatigue is real. And it’s a real energy suck. No matter how great the meeting went…when I jump from back to back to back meetings my eyes get tired, my mind gets scattered and I’m not showing up as my best self no matter how hard I try.

Takeaway: Give yourself at least a 15 minute buffer between meetings – this will allow you to rest your eyes and your mind and reset your mindset so you can perform and be present.

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