How to Gift An Audible Subscription, It’s so easy!

If you want to gift an audible subscription to someone this year, here’s how it’s done. As I became an adult, getting busier and busier, being able to listen to books while I do other things has been my fav aspect of being an audible subscriber.

As a huge fan of self-care and self-improvement, my favourite things to listen to are some of the exclusive audible podcasts or comedies while I paint and make a mess in my art journal. It’s such a meditative time for me and if you have trouble sleeping, they also have the audiobooks for that. 

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Audible has an unmatched audiobook library and being able to get chores done or just enjoy myself when digesting a thriller or true crime is one of my favourite past times. 

Heart Handmade UK Audible Library
My actual Audible library. Business books, crime fiction and Marlon Bundo by John Oliver

Books are a go-to gift for most of my friends and family, which is great because we are all nerds.

As a listener of audiobooks, I’m the go to for many of my friends who need a self help audiobook and sometimes I just gift them a month of audible. It’s a great way to help others without breaking the bank.

Self Development Books



Neither of You Subscribes to Audible? How To Gift An Audible Subscription For Someone Else

Amazon set up the Audible Gift Center so you can gift an audible subscription a little easier. When you get there, it gives you the option to gift a membership for 3 months, 6 months, or a year and you can choose according to your budget.

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Do They Already Have An Audible Account?

It’s possible to buy a gift subscription for someone who already uses Audible, it simply means you can give them 3, 6, or 12 credits to use. One credit equals one audiobook. 

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Audible Gift Centre

Already an Audible Member Yourself?

If you already have an audible subscription, the gift-giving process is exactly the same. You can use this link, or you can also do it via ‘my account’ within the audible site, but not on the app. 

First, log in to Audible with your username and password. 

Then hover your cursor over your account at the top of the page and continue on the drop-down menu to the fourth option “Gift Center.” Or, again, you can use this button as a shortcut;


Word Of Warning: Audible gift cards are not a thing. You also can’t buy gift cards for Audiobooks through Amazon, these are the only purchasing methods for gift subscriptions at time of writing this article. If you do search for audible gift cards on amazon, it will simply bring you to the audible home page and you need the gift centre.

Fear not! I’m making it easy by giving the option of a free Audible trial for yourself and you can purchase gift subscriptions easily via the Audible Gift Centre!


Finally, Gift An Audible Subscription Here!

The link above will take both members and non-members to purchase an Audible subscription or credits for current users! It’s really that simple.

Coming up to another holiday season, I’ve realised just how difficult it can be to think of good gift ideas. If you know a bibliophile who can’t stop cleaning the house but still wants to read a book? Gift him/her or them an audible subscription! 

Their audiobook library is UNMATCHED; they are the biggest in the world, so they will have books for all tastes. Whether your friend or loved one wants to improve themselves or just wants to listen to a great story while relaxing in the tub, an audible gift subscription is incredible because they also have an Alexa app!

Want to gift an audible subscription for someone for the holiday season? No matter the occasion, gifting Audiobooks and exclusive Audible content is one of the best gifts you can give. If your favourite bibliophile is too busy these days to keep up with reading, you can do chores or self-care and listen to original content and audiobooks all day long. As a gift idea for moms, a gift idea for dads or readers of all generations! #audible #giftideas

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