how to keep your house clean with pets

how to keep your house clean with pets

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One of the questions that comes up often because of our two big fur babies is, “how do you keep your house clean with pets?” I think their size can makes a big difference in the mess factor, because these are two gigantic rescue pups, weighing in at a grand 70 + lbs each. Rigby and Fitz are our not-so-little pyreheelers, {that’s our made-up name for red heeler + white pyrenees who were in need of a good home}. So let me back up by saying that I think that the first answer to the question would be, we don’t.

Because we strive to keep it real here, let us be clear in saying that two dogs + three kids + running a business out of our home means we have client samples and supplies, kid stuff galore and {drum roll please} the world’s largest collection of dog hair. So much dog hair, that it literally fell off of me like snow and onto my yoga mat in a workout yesterday. {Apparently Rigby decided to get some love before I headed off to class even though it’s like playing dodgeball when I’m on my way out.} Basically, I could never get away with murder, because dog hair.

how to keep your house clean with pets

winning at how to keep your house clean with pets:

But I do feel like we’re winning a little at life, because we keep it simple, and simple works for us. Give me a ten-minute heads up as a warning, and I can have the house presentable with easy products that we adore. 

This month is National Pet Month, and we know our lives wouldn’t be the same without our adorable furbabies. What surprises us when we’re talking to others about pets in their home, is how people still let the mess hold them back from loving on a fur baby of their own. We get it. We’ve been there.

So forget heavy vacuum cleaners and expensive solutions and other things that feel complicated and un-attainable. Because I’m sharing my fave go to’s with a side of real for these guys. Our favorite tools to keep our home clean, so we don’t sweat our pets. 

how to keep your house clean with pets

how to keep your house clean with pets: what we use

The Swiffer Sweeper Dry and Wet Pet Refills.  

Yes, please. The older I get, the more I realize that cleaning a house and keeping it clean, is all about the small things here and there that keep it manageable. Dare I say it, this makes it easy? Maybe even fun? The kids fight over who gets to do this one on the chore list.

Because no one has time to take an entire day and clean their house. Rome in a day and small bites for elephants and other things here. As long as I feel like the house isn’t totally out of control, I am in my zen. So one of our faves is the Swiffer Sweeper Dry and Wet Pet Refills. It’s an easily interchangeable, sweeping and mopping tool with quick pivot, along with deeper grooves in the wipes that helps keep our floors fresh. And they take up all the dog hair tumbleweeds in one quick swoop.

It smells. SO. Good. 

clean pet

quick and easy

Quick and easy is the name of the game. It helps me get under the cabinets and in corners that a heavy vacuum can’t reach. These puppers shed so much, that this is me on a second take after cleaning the day before. In mere seconds, the hair was there, but it only took a few moments and swivels to get into it, and giterdone.

Basically, it keeps life easy so I don’t feel like I’m cleaning all the time. Or going crazy over messes.

We can all use a little easy.

cleaning with pets

What I love about the pet refills, is that it picks up the bigger pieces, too, while eliminating odors with Febreze Odor Defense.

Both the wet and dry have these awesome scents that feel fresh.

And of course, it’s always safe around your furbabies.

how to keep your house clean with pets

It’s especially a fave for stairs.

What is it about dust bunnies on the stairs? Nothing drives me crazier. No more hauling the giant cleaning supplies up and down two flights… just doing it as I go, no plug-in required. Winning. 

how to keep your house clean with pets

Swiffer Dusters

I can’t decide which I like more, when the man of the house dusts, or the actual dusters themselves. It may be a toss-up. Both are totally sexy. And the duster is absolutely needed when talking about how to keep your house clean with pets. 

These bad boys come with Dust Lock Adhesive™ and 50% more fibers than regular dusters. They also pick up 3 x’s more than a boring old, kinda-gross feather duster. That means you can use it, then shake it, and nothing comes out. It truly amazes me. My allergies are so very grateful. 

dust with pets

Febreze Fabric and Air Pet Odor Eliminators

One of my greatest prides in life is the constant comment that we do get, and it’s that our house doesn’t smell like dog. People tend to walk in and sniff and then they’re super confused as to why it doesn’t smell constantly of wet dog, and other pet owner stereotypes that kind of gross people out when they’re thinking of adopting.

I actually take great pride in the way my home smells. It’s a big deal to me, since I have the nose of a bloodhound. I swear, I could be a Febreze scent tester. 

Keeping it real, last week Rigby found a dead mole in the back yard, and thought it was the best smell EVER. She then proceeded to come inside. The entire house smelled like sweaty, sour feet.

I know. Gross.

We actually didn’t know it was a dead animal at first, and had no idea where it was coming from. But it was quickly eliminated from our house by using Febreze before we could target the trouble maker herself. The problem was immediately solved, in the house before she’d even gotten her bath, and panic attack averted. 

Not only in times of rub-herself-on-a-dead-animal, {WHY.} but the every-day, stinky dog smell you can get in your house. It smells fresh and clean with our Febreze! 

smell pet

Fitz is so proud of herself in this photo. Rigby is wondering if she can move yet.

Our pups aren’t usually allowed on the furniture, unless we give them permission. That doesn’t mean our kids don’t sneak in snuggles when they think they won’t get caught. We keep our furniture fresh by using that amazing Febreze. It keeps everything wonderful and malodor free. {Read all about malodor science and the safety of Febreeze here.}

All of their amazing products are available at Target and just about every other store you can think of.

We love that they’re easily attainable and oh so simple to use!

how to keep your house clean with pets

We hope this helps shed some light on easy, attainable, low maintenance ways to keep your home fresh with sweet pets. Their benefits far outweigh any work included, but we do have to say, don’t sweat your pet with these easy solutions!

Less is more in the world of housekeeping and we love simple ideas to keep it fresh and clean. 

Happy National Pet month, and as always, let us know if you have any questions, or have a fave Swiffer product you love! We’d love to hear from you.

Have an inspired day!

:: This post was brought to you in partnership with our friends from Swiffer and Febreze. All opinions are 100% ours. Please read our full disclosure pertaining to partnerships and construction here ::

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