How To Make 3D Paper Leaves Wall Art

How To Make 3D Paper Leaves Wall Art

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As a nature lover, plants and flowers always inspire most of my work. Which is exactly why I’ve decided to teach you how to make 3D Paper Leaves Wall Art! I have fallen in love with the beautiful shades of the seasons and I would like to reproduce something like a rug of leaves that you can put on the wall!


The Craft Cafe – 3D Paper Leaves Wall Art DIY


Hello! I’m Silvia from Giochi di Carta blog, and I have the big pleasure to be a new contributor to The Craft Cafe.


It’s a little project to make a little art 3D to decorate your favorite room, but I didn’t want to have a realistic effect, so I chose a pretty color of cardboard and some decorated paper. Now I show you how it’s made!

3D Paper Leaves

Yield: 1 Canvas

Make this insanely simple paper wall art tutorial when you’re bored! Grab the template below and gather your supplies to get started!


  • Start drawing one leaf and use it as a template for drawing all the other leaves.

  • Cut a lot of leaves! 
  • Then fold them in half to do the 3D effect.
  • Add a drop of glue on the lower end of the leaves. Start from bottom left and proceed slightly overlapping the leaves.

  • You can choose to glue them in a regular order (ex. only in diagonal), or in a random order, as I have done.
  • Alternate coloured leaves with some with patterned versions.
  • Continue until the canvas is full of leaves.

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Your 3D canvas is ready to hang!

Mine is hung in my craft room, and probably when I will have much time I would like to make a bigger canvas of paper leaves (a kind of backdrop) because I love this surface. And you, what do you think about? I hope you enjoy it!

Happy crafting and see you at the next appointment of Craft Cafe!

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Need to find things to make out of paper when your bored? Fear not! This paper art for wall decoration tutorial is SO SIMPLE to make! Grab your scissors and glue gun to make this amazing room decoration with paper cuttings! + Grab your free papercraft template to download & use with your canvas.

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