How To Make A Fabric Flower That BENDS + 1 Free Template

The beautiful project helping you make a fabric flower was created by a long-time friend of this blog Ayda Algin (cafenohut) for Handmade Happy Magazine. You can grab the free craft magazine that you can download right here on the blog!

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How To Make A Fabric Flower That Has Bendy Petals!

We have had so many incredible contributors over the years and I’m so excited to continue The Craft Cafe. It’s somewhere you will find some excellent paper flower tutorials, sewing patterns, quick projects and even crochet patterns.

It’s a fun creative cafe where we take care of ourselves through crafting. No sew fabric crafts are so incredibly simple to make to make sure to download the template.

Download The Template:

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How To Make A Fabric Flower

Yield: A Layered Fabric Flower

Prep Time:
5 minutes

Active Time:
10 minutes

Additional Time:
15 minutes

Total Time:
30 minutes


Estimated Cost:

  • Dive in and find out how to make a fabric flower so you can go on to create dozens! There are so many projects that you can make with layered fabric flowers, some of which have been created for you below.


how to make a fabric flower - supplies needed

To begin with, choose your favourite patterned fabrics (my favourite is Lecien) and gather your supplies.

how to make a fabric flower - cut out separate petals

Cut out the number of flowers and leaves needed as indicated on the templates in your chosen fabric.

how to make a fabric flower - creating the bendy layers

Choose two large flower petals, this will be the bottom layer of the flower.

Cut a long piece of wire and bend it into an almost triangle. Then take a piece of wire half the size of the previous piece and twist it at the bend of your almost triangle. See photo for an easy view.

how to make a fabric flower - add the applique and place the twisted wire in the center - glue

Apply the fabric bond (applique glue) all over the fabric flower petals and then put a fine wire (as you see image) between the fabric petals.

Repeat the same process for the leaves.

You don’t need to put a piece of wire between smaller flower petals. Just enough to fix two flower petals with glue.

Wait for a while for the petals and leaves to dry out or use a heat source, like a hairdryer. Be careful with a heat gun as they can get too hot. It shouldn’t take long to dry them as they’re quite small.

how to make a fabric flower - multiple flowers

Now it’s time to layer all of the flower petals and leaves together and secure them in place.

how to make a fabric flower - garland project

What you use for the centres of the flowers can be pretty much anything from loose beads to lonely buttons or even a small earring.  For this project I used buttons.

how to make a fabric flower - made into a napkin ring

You can make many different sizes of fabric flowers and use them in loads of projects!

So you know exactly how to make flowers for a frock dress AND how to make shabby chic flowers for headbands because they’re the same flowers.

how to make a fabric flower - free template

Fabric Flower Making Ideas:

Gift toppers

As a napkin ring

Wedding table settings or as favours

Garlands for your home



Hair Clip

Bouquet for a wedding

Chair decoration for a wedding

Cushion Applique

Or, make giant ones as wall art!

how to make a fabric flower - make a garland


Please give this review 5 stars and thank Ayda Algin from Cafenohut for her time making this project for us – Claire

Now You Know How To Make A Fabric Flower:

When it comes to crafting and no sew fabric crafts, learning how to make a fabric flower was probably one of my favourite projects. I was able to take those skills further and play with paper, printer paper and even crepe paper to make layered flowers.

You can see all of the Craft Cafe DIY projects here:

With a special thanks to Ayda Algin of CafeNoHut for making this beautiful tutorial. Ayda has actually written a wonderful sewing book:

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View all of Claire’s DIY projects here.

Are you going to make a fabric flower?

What are you going to use them for?

I really want to know! Suggestions on a postcard, please! Ok, suggestions in the comments, please.

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